Sunday Inspiration: Sharing your love story at your wedding

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Sometimes we wonder if all the people that are going to be standing there, watching you on one of the most important days of your life, will actually know how they got to be there. For starters, you have the aisle runner option. You put your photos and memorabilia on the floor on your way to the end of the aisle and it's an actual walk down memory lane. You can revive your own memories as you walk towards the love of your life. Second, you can make an actual family tree. Just hang pictures from your family and his so that everyone can start to know each other. A simpler option is in the wedding cake. In each cake tier you put a significant date of your relationship, from the first date or the first time you met, to the proposal and the wedding day. For more love story ideas, go to the Eddy K. Pinterest board.

Eddy K. Bride Vanessa & Her Groom To The Rescue

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This is a tale worth to be told. Vanessa and Brett shared their story with us and everything was just breathtaking. From the moment they met to the "I-do's", this match was meant to be adventurous. They were both registered in an online dating site. Brett wanted to cancel his account but something caught his eye. Vanessa's profile had a picture of her climbing mountains in Bolivia and he just loved the daredevil spirit it showed. That's the passion they have in common, the outdoors. He proposed a month after she left on a trip to Alaska where she couldn't communicate with him. "Take that person and travel around the world. Buy a plane ticket for the two of you to travel all around the world … and go to places that are hard to go to and hard to get out of. And if when you come back to JFK, when you land in JFK, and you’re still in love with that person — get married at the airport"  Bill Murray Finding the dress was definitely an expedition. She had a dress made but it was a complete disaster and it was only 6 weeks before the wedding. She went to a store and one of the saleswoman suggested that she tried on the EK1021, which she did hesitating because she thought it was too traditional for her, but immediately loved it. Ready to buy it, she gets the news that it was backordered and that they couldn't get it in time for the wedding. Desperate, she called the main office and begged them to look again. While they got back to her, Vanessa went on yet another climbing trip with the misfortune that they [...]

Dress of the week: EK1098

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Neck, sleeves, back, everything in the EK1098 is so elegant and classic you will feel like royalty. From a very lacey top fading into a smooth bottom, this dress is mesmerizing elegance.

Sunday Inspiration: Wedding Band Styles

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From classic to unconventional, there are so many wedding band styles to choose from. Now the question is, which one matches you and your fiancé's personality? There are many materials to choose from, do your research on each one of them so you can check not only the price but the durability. If you know you won't be going to the jewelers regularly for fixing, go for a more scratch-proof material, otherwise you'll have to go get the rings fixed every once in a while. You can go for matching rings, choosing a neutral style so your future husband doesn't end up with a girly ring. You can also find something to match your engagement ring, look for something that compliments it, not overshadowing. Some even are made to fit inside the wedding band for a very elegant style.   For a more unconventional couple, there are very original ideas that include all sorts of materials, from wooden rings to carbon fiber ones. Try to find a material that will last so you don't have to get a whole new ring after a few years. For more wedding band ideas, follow the Eddy K. board on Pinterest!

Dress of the week: EK1078

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New from Eddy K 2017 Collection, the EK1078 is absolutely romantic and delicate. The lace flowers look like they embrace the neckline all the way to the back and the way the skirt opens is just enchanting. A perfect fit for a classic yet stylish bride.

Sunday Inspiration: Must-Have Wedding Photos

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After the big day is over, you don't want to go home and think "I should've..." So here is a list of wedding photos you don't want to miss having in your album. From before, during and after the wedding, make sure you and your photographer have a check list of all the shots you want.   Before Pictures Make sure you capture every intimate detail of the preparation, this is your last moment of creating memories with you closest friends and family members before going out to the whirlwind. Ask your bridesmaids to get dressed in the same place you'll be getting ready so you can have some fun shots of the pre-ceremony phase. Don't neglect your mom, she's probably even more excited than you are, share some laughs and have her help you get into the dress, those pictures are always sentimental. Tell your photographer to be ready to capture the moment you reveal yourself to the rest of your wedding party, get those proud phases on camera. The same goes for the groom's side, the other photographer has to make sure to get those moments of him hanging with his pals while they get ready, his mom helping get his tie straight, and so on. During Pictures During the ceremony, everything tends to be pretty standard, but you still want every moment captured. The most important are, entering the ceremony, for both your groom and you, saying your vows, if you have anyone special dedicating a few words, and finally, the big exit. After Pictures These are the ones that take the longest. First, you have to take your time getting the right pictures before going to the reception because once you [...]

Eddy K. Bride Amanda

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When everything starts with a magical proposal, you know things are going to be great. Michael proposed to Amanda in the house they were preparing to be their home. The construction site was the background to the romantic moment when Michael popped the question, surrounded by rose petals and candles, and pictures of them hanging from the ceiling. Having first met in high school, these too came a long way together.   The wedding journey started and Amanda tried on many, many dresses without having the feeling of "this is my dress". Finally, after stopping at RK Bridal in New York, she found the dress, making her feel very elegant, a perfect fir for a New Year's Eve wedding. She accentuated her look by wearing drop earrings, a crystal bracelet and a custom made headpiece made with cascading Swarovski crystals. The real sentimental value was added with one of her grandfather's blue shirts sown into a heart under her dress, to have something old and something blue.   The ceremony took place on December 31st, 2015 at Saint Clare Church in Staten island and the reception was held at South Gate Manor in New Jersey. From Amanda: I think what made our wedding so special to us is that it was on New Years Eve, which is also our anniversary. Having our wedding on NYE was amazing. We were able to ring in the new year and with our family and friends! My favorite moment was counting down to 12 o'clock. My husband and I were able to celebrate the new year and our new marriage while confetti fell from over our heads! Amanda and Michael will be going to Europe in the summer for their honeymoon.   [...]

Designer Eddy K. presents the new 2017 Eddy K. Collection

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Inspired by the vintage glamour of Villa Borromeo in Northern Italy, the new 2017 Eddy K. collection brings out the uniqueness any bride is looking for in her wedding dress. Based on timeless Italian designs that capture the elegance and refinement of weddings fit for royalty, this collection presents breathtaking styles that classic, romantic, and modern brides alike, will adore. As always present in Eddy K. designs, each dress is made with the finest laces, paying attention to every enchanting appliqué and beadwork; making each dress a true work of art. This collection is filled with silhouettes that highlight the beauty of the feminine body, glamorous sleeves, stunning backs and lavish necklines, portraying the beauty of Italian romanticism and personifying what the 2017 Eddy K. collection brings for each unique bride.

Sunday Inspiration: Wedding Makeup

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When it comes to brides and makeup, everyone always says "keep it natural", and you do want to keep it natural but you don't want to look like you have no makeup at all. You have two options, DIY or hire a Makeup Artist. If you are confident enough with your skills (or you are on a tight budget), go for DIY. After all, no one knows your face better than you do, but remember, don't go light on the eyes. Your makeup must be really accentuated if you want it to be relevant in your pictures, but be careful thou, you don't want to end up looking like a show diva. Remember your goal, natural but visible.   Some people might not love them, but they make a huge difference in pictures. That, my friends, are false lashes. The thing most people seem to forget is that you can choose the type of lash, they don't have to be too long or add too much volume. And eyebrows, do not neglect them, eyebrows are your face's frame. On the other hand, if you choose to go with a professional, make sure he/she knows what you like and what makes you feel comfortable, you don't want to feel like someone you're not. The MUA should be able to really portray how you want to look like on your wedding day. Last but not least, nails. My personal advice is to go for classic, neutral colours. A simple colour will look the most elegant. You can have some glittery details but try to keep them to a minimum. If you want something darker, go ahead, but then avoid any other extras in your nails. For more makeup ideas for [...]

Dress of the Week: Eddy K Dreams Bali

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The exuberant elegance from the new Eddy K Bali will take your breath away.  The illusion neck and that gorgeous back won’t let anyone take their eyes off of you in your big day. Eddy K Dreams Bali   Eddy K Dreams Bali     Eddy K Dreams Bali

Style of the Week: MD182

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The stunning MD182 has a beautiful symmetric heavy beaded bustier and a full tulle skirt for the sophisticated and romantic bride. Available in Champagne/Silver or Ivory/Silver, this is the perfect dress for a formal wedding celebration.   MD182   MD182

Style of the Week: AK142

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The AK142 from our Bouquet collection is a gorgeous asymmetrical charmeaus satin dress with delicate crystal beaded appliques. The v-neclike and its v-back along with its A-line silhouette make this a beautifully elegant dress that will look beautiful on any bride to be! Available in Champagne / Ivory.   AK142   AK142

Style of the week: AK147

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The Eddy K. style of the week is the gorgeous AK147. Its scoop neckline and its deep elegant back, detailed with exquisite lace and its beautiful full skirt make this dress charmingly elegant. Available in ivory/light gold and ivory/ivory, this dress is the perfectly enchanting look for every bride! AK147   AK147   AK147   AK147

Style of the week: CT160

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The dazzling CT160 from the Eddy K. Couture collection is our dress of the week. Its sweetheart neckline, its trumpet silhouette along with its high quality symmetrical embroidered heavy beaded tulle, give this dress a glamorous vintage look for the romantic bride. Available in ivory/silver. CT160   CT160

Style of the week: MD174

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This universally flattering A-line gown hugs the torso with a heavy beaded bustier that flares out into a light tulle skirt. The dress is finished by a gorgeous crystal belt. The MD174 from our Milano collection is available in both Champagne/Silver and Ivory/Silver. MD174   MD174

Style of the week: 78004

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The 78004 dress, available in Ivory/Light Gold and Ivory/Ivory Silver, is a breathtaking fit and flare strapless gown, that paired with its delicate and dreamlike veil creates a unique dramatic flow. 78004   78004

Style of the week: 77990

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Our Style of the Week is the exquisite fit and flare 77990 gown with gorgeous venice lace on tulle that drapes over smooth satin (available in light gold or ivory). This curve highlighting silhouette with a semi-full skirt is complete with a subtle crystal detailing of its scoop neckline, shoulder straps and deep V-back. 77990   77990   77990

Style of the week: CT138

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An exquisitely beaded top with short sleeves and a revealing open back. The mermaid silhouette highlights the curves in an elegant way. Soft sparkles on the tulle skirt give the final touch. CT138 CT138 CT138  

Style of the week: CT126

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This new ballgown from our 2015 collection is getting so much attention! A soft sparkling tulle and a delicately embroidered crystal beading on the top that flows into the hips. A beautiful silhouette, that works perfectly for petite brides as well as curvy brides. Now in stores, available in Ivory, White and Champagne.  

Style of the week: CT143

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After seeing all the glitz and glitter at the Golden Globes last night, here is our absolutely red carpet worthy dress of the week:  Couture style #CT143. Hand beading and embroidery from top to bottom over champagne tulle, with a Cafe color satin lining underneath it (picture), or also available with Ivory lining. What do you think? Can you picture this gown at the next red carpet event?