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Dress of the week: MD220

By | maggio 23rd, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog|

New from 2017 Milano collection, the striking details of the MD220 will make heads turn. From the beautiful train to the very sexy back, plus the mermaid silhouette, this dress is spotlight worthy.    

Sunday Inspiration: 7 tips to improve your skin before the big day

By | maggio 22nd, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog|

Nowadays, health and beauty go hand in hand. For this reason, in the quest to find alternatives for a healthier lifestyle, the experts at Nutriwhite bring you these 7 natural tips to help you improve your skin without having to use the scalpel. 1- Avoid refined carbs. Specially wheat (bread, pasta, cereals) and white rice, and any other food that can cause a rise in your insulin levels. Replace them with carbs that come from fruits, vegetables and nuts since your body can digest them much more easily.3 2- Consider a gluten-free diet. Nutriwhite really recommends this for people who can’t tolerate gluten, since it will help you avoid the toxins that settle in the skin because of the intolerance. 3- Eliminate/reduce sugar from your diet. Just as refined carbs, sugar causes insulin levels to rise which can have negative effects on your skin. 4- Drink a lot of fresh water. Hydrating facilitates cellular growth and regeneration, eliminating waist and the skin’s dead cells. Hydration can also improve your skin tone. 5- Eliminate soft-drinks and energy drinks. These beverages are often loaded with sugar, artificial flavor, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and food coloring. 6- Reduce stress. Lots of investigations suggest that changes in the skin are often related with a stress increase. A good way to reduce it is through exercise and resting well at night, since this is the ideal moment to rejuvenate the body. 7- Clean and hydrate your skin naturally. Avoid products with ingredients and chemicals toxic for the skin. They can cause more problems instead of solving them. Remember, besides these tips to either improve your skin, have a better lifestyle or just live better, you should start the 3R Diet: remove and [...]

Official launch of new Eddy K. Milano Collection 2017

By | maggio 16th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog|

From May 20th to May 22nd, Italian Designer Eddy K. will unveil the new Milano Collection 2017 with our annual Fashion Event at the Melia Milano Hotel in Milano, Italy. This collection represents Italy's fashion capital at its finest. The iconic Piazza del Duomo, with its architectural ambiance, compliments the urban chic look of each dress. And this is just one of the four fabulous locations Eddy K. used to immortalize his new collection. Along with Milano, all the other collections Eddy K. has to offer will be officially presented at the fashion show. There will be updates during the event so stay tuned to get the first preview of the Eddy K. 2017 Collections.  

Sunday Inspiration: Top 5 Photo Booth props

By | maggio 15th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog|

We took the investigation of finding out which are the best photo booth props for your wedding very seriously. We want you to have the greatest props out there, always adding a personal touch. Bride & Groom's baby faces   2. Beards, mustaches and more beards. Imagine your grandma with one of these.   3. Blank clouds. Add a black marker and wait for the results.   4. Picture Frames Let everyone frame whatever they feel like framing. You'll be surprised. 5. Themed props You can pick one or many themes, just let your guest go wild.   Bonus Tip: Tell your guests to share the pictures using your wedding hashtag so you won't miss a thing. For more prop ideas, follow the Eddy K. Pinterest board.

Eddy K. Bride Shelbey

By | maggio 12th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog|

A love story that began in college, a magical proposal surrounded by friends and family. No wonder this fairy tale wedding was able to overcome all the obstacles without wiping the smiles off their faces. Zach and Shelbey met in college. Two and a half years after nothing but sparks, he planned a very romantic proposal. Ridding horses through a pasture at sunset when all of the sudden she saw a crowd in the distance and as they came closer, she started identifying all the faces in the crowd. All their closest friends and family were waiting for them holding a sign that read "Shelbey Nicole Perkins, Will You Marry Me?" Needless to say, she said yes. The dress hunt began, so Shelbey went to Brickhouse Bridal with her mom and her best friend. She knew the Eddy K MD159 was going to be her dress as soon as she laid eyes on it. Nevertheless, she tried on other dresses but kept going back to that one.  It was a beautiful Eddy K dress that met everything I had ever wanted. From the lace, to the sparkle, to the way it fit, I knew it was the one I wanted. I bought it that day!... I was able to wear a ball gown dress and it was perfectly proportional! I felt like a princess. She paired her dress with a cathedral lace veil, Betsey Johnson shoes and she got to borrow her sister's belt to wear as her something borrowed, which fitted the dress perfectly. They planned an elegant winter wedding at Madera Estates in Conroe, Texas. Initially, they wanted to have the ceremony outside and the reception inside, but by the wedding day, the rain was pouring [...]

Dress of the week: EK1103

By | maggio 9th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog|

Eddy K Wedding Dress EK1103 New from the 2017 Eddy K. collection, the EK1103 stands out from the crowds with a very sexy low back and a gorgeous neckline covered in the most delicate and sophisticated lace.   Eddy K Wedding Dress EK1103 Eddy K Wedding Dress EK1103

Sunday Inspiration: 10 wedding registry must-haves

By | maggio 7th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog|

When deciding what to pick for your registry, you need to really analyze all the items you have in mind. How useful will they be for you, not for someone else. Things that you will actually use and need. Some of them can be kind of basic, but very often couples forget to register for those simple items that can be life changing. The key to this whole list: things that will not end up in the back of a closet accumulating dust for years. 1. Vacuum Cleaner You can run but you can't hide. Cleaning is something you will most definitely have to do. Take advantage of the opportunities in life. Since you won't be paying for it. Try to get a real good vacuum, one of those that can get to all the annoying little places. But be smart about it, high prices don't always mean it's going to be the best quality. Go to a store and compare them all before making your decision.   2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer This is definitely something you'll appreciate having in your kitchen. Personally, I think is the best kitchen tool ever invented by mankind. You can use it from mixing cake batter to grinding meat to making ice cream. Available in many, many colors, it will give your kitchen an incredible artsy touch.   3. Nice towels This is the perfect opportunity to make this upgrade. I'm sure you already have a couple of sets but I'm also pretty sure they're not nice and soft anymore. You can even save them for special occasions where you just want to feel comfy. Believe me, this will make a difference. 4. Slow Cooker This one has been [...]

Eddy K. Bride Andreina

By | maggio 5th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog|

  Eddy K. Bride Andreina's story revolves around two special places for the couple, the beach and New York City. The beach is the place where they met, there were sparkles from the first moment and they've been inseparable ever since. After dating for a year, they went on vacation to New York City. After a day of strolling around in a bike, Allan (the groom) took her to a beach in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where he popped the question, mixing up their two special places and making the proposal even more romantic. Andreina found her dress in Coral Gables Bridals. She tried on things she never thought could be her dress but eventually came by the MD188 and she was hooked. She really felt like the dress matched her personality perfectly. In her own words: It was simple, yet elegant. Vintage, yet modern. Fresh but with a lot of attitude. The perfect match for me. To complete her attire, she wore her grandmother's earrings, which she gave them to her as a gift after the wedding, her engagement ring and she borrowed the shoes from one of her best friends. The ceremony and the reception took place in Lomas de Caruao, Venezuela, a spectacular beach near Caracas, kind of secluded in the mountain, surrounded by a breathtaking view. The ceremony was at dusk at a magical spot with ocean view. The sun went down just as the priest was blessing the Host in perfect synchronization and they shared some personal vows to give it an authentic touch. The reception was also outdoors, everything very simple but elegant with lights that gave it a very modern feeling. Everyone was in party mode, dancing all night long, the food was great [...]

Dress of the week: EK1087

By | maggio 2nd, 2016|Categories: Disegno, Stile|

Eddy K Wedding Dress EK1087 From the new 2017 Eddy K. collection, the EK1087 presents a beautifully beaded neckline full of elegant lace, going down to a full tulle skirt. Available in Ivory and Champagne, we can't decide which one we like best. Eddy K Wedding Dress EK1087 Eddy K Wedding Dress EK1087

Sunday Inspiration: Sharing your love story at your wedding

By | maggio 1st, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog|

Sometimes we wonder if all the people that are going to be standing there, watching you on one of the most important days of your life, will actually know how they got to be there. For starters, you have the aisle runner option. You put your photos and memorabilia on the floor on your way to the end of the aisle and it's an actual walk down memory lane. You can revive your own memories as you walk towards the love of your life. Second, you can make an actual family tree. Just hang pictures from your family and his so that everyone can start to know each other. A simpler option is in the wedding cake. In each cake tier you put a significant date of your relationship, from the first date or the first time you met, to the proposal and the wedding day. For more love story ideas, go to the Eddy K. Pinterest board.

Style of the Week: Eddy K Dreams Bali

By | aprile 4th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Spose, Stile|

The exuberant elegance from the new Eddy K Bali will take your breath away.  The illusion neck and that gorgeous back won’t let anyone take their eyes off of you in your big day. Eddy K Dreams Bali   Eddy K Dreams Bali     Eddy K Dreams Bali

Sunday Inspirations: Bridesmaids Gifts (Italian)

By | aprile 3rd, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Spose, Stile|

  When the big day approaches, don’t forget to pay special attention to the people that had helped you throughout all the preparation and pre-celebration. Your bridesmaids deserve a little thank-you-present.     You hear some horrible stories about bridesmaids that make everything more complicated, start fights over nothing and you just end up regretting having asked them to be part of your day. However, the truth is that most of them will help you through all the wedding emergencies you might encounter or even picking out your wedding dress!     Try to go for something that they’ll actually use. You don’t want to spend on something that will end up in the junk drawer. The robe is a classic for when everyone is getting dressed together and you’ll have wonderful pictures of your bridesmaids helping you get into the dress with the same robe, you can even personalize them by having their in the back.     Other gifts can be for them to have at home, like scented candles, personalized necklaces or mugs. A more interesting idea is taking all your girls on a journey, whether it’s a spa treatment, a beach getaway or a ski trip. Or food, you can never go wrong with food. Get them a case of something special, like macaroons or even cocktail gift.      

Style of the Week: Eddy K Dreams Bella

By | marzo 28th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Stile|

Another sneak peek of the new Eddy K. Dreams Collection 2017, Bella is the vintage elegance and modern chic combination every bride is looking for. With a stunning back and a gorgeous neckline that make very subtle lace sleeves, Bella is great for a Spring wedding. Eddy K Dreams Bella   Eddy K Dreams Bella   Eddy K Dreams Bella

Sunday Inspirations: Spring Wedding

By | marzo 27th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Stile|

Let’s take advantage of what nature gives us; spring is the perfect season for an outdoor wedding, not too hot and not too cold. Everything is bright green and there are tons of beautiful flowers in season. This year, the trend is a mixture of pastels and bright colors, which make a great blend to have wonderful decoration. Pick your favorite, no doubt you’ll have a very graceful yet boho/chic wedding. The best part is, you can even put the spring theme into your drinks! Try the lavender margaritas, apple blossom and rhubarb mojito among many other drinks. Follow the Eddy K board on Pinterest to find out more spring wedding ideas.

Style of the Week: Eddy K Dreams Maui (Italian)

By | marzo 21st, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Stile|

The new Maui dress is a stunning statement dress for your wedding day! The gorgeous modern lines contrast with the romantic lace on the illusion neckline and arms. This very sleek dress will dazzle everyone with its beauty.   Eddy K Dreams Maui   Eddy K Dreams Maui   Eddy K Dreams Maui  

Sunday Inspiration: Wedding Garter

By | marzo 20th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Spose|

  Ever wondered how the tradition of the garter toss started? Well, back in 14th century England, bridal gowns were torn to pieces by the guests because it was believed that having a piece of the gown would bring good luck. Naturally, no one wants to see their wedding dress destroyed, so brides started wearing separate garters to give to guests.   Things have changed now (thank God!), but all the bachelors still want a piece. To remain as modest as possible and not give the guest another show, place the garter just above the knee so the groom doesn’t have to reach up the dress to get it.       Find a sexy song for this moment. After all, you’ll probably be sitting in the middle of the room with all eyes on you, this gives it a funny feel.     Want it vintage, themed, funny, with a message, or even DYI? Follow us on Pinterest for more ideas on the garter and on the song for the moment.          

Style of the Week: Eddy K Dreams Dominica

By | marzo 14th, 2016|Categories: novità, Posts del Blog, Stile|

When Eddy K. designed Dominica he did it because every bride’s wedding day is their time to shine. The stunning heavy beaded bustier of this fabulously elegant gown highlights the woman’s beautiful body, while the ruffled horsehair and tulle skirt adds a floating effect. This is the perfect dress for the truly chic bride!   Eddy K Dreams Dominica   Eddy K Dreams Dominica

Style of the Week: Eddy K Dreams Aires

By | marzo 7th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Stile|

New from the Eddy K. 2017 Dreams collection is Aires, a wedding dress that is pure romanticism. The gorgeous lace detailing all over the dress, its illusion back and its alluring v-neckline make it a gorgeous choice for a destination wedding.      

Style of the Week: Eddy K Dreams Ibiza

By | febbraio 29th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Stile|

Introducing Ibiza, from the Eddy K. Dreams 2017 collection. Characterized by it’s beautiful deep v-back and it’s long train that elongates the bride’s silhouette, this versatile dress is an ideal choice for any type of wedding. The combination of its soft tulle A-line skirt, lace top and delicate beading on its waistline make is the perfect dress for brides who are looking for a naturally stunning look.    

Style of the Week: Martinique

By | febbraio 22nd, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Stile|

Martinique, from the Eddy K. Dreams 2017 collection, is a gorgeous minimalist princess-y ball-gown that will blow everyone away. Its silhouette and fine embellishments on the waist give the right amount of drama to this simply elegant and modern take on the princess gown.