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Eddy K. Bride Amelia

By | giugno 24th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Sposa Eddy K.|

Our Eddy K. Bride, Amelia, met her husband, Victor, at Texas Tech University. They were both students and quickly became friends but after a while, things evolved into something else. Time passed, and they got an unexpected, yet wonderful surprise, they had a son together. They grew deeper in love over the years and finally Victor took her to New Orleans and magic happened. During our first night, Victor took me on a horse and carriage ride (as we had done during our first date) around Jackson Square. The carriage stopped in front of a breathtaking garden that was lit up. We got down to get pictures and that's when it happened! He told me how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He then bent down on one knee and proposed...  When Amelia started her dress hunt, she knew exactly what she wanted: a ballgown, bling and lots of tulle. She went to Serendipity Bridal with another dress in mind but it wasn't what she had imagined. After trying on many other dresses, her mother-in-law told her to try on a dress that was on a mannequin. As soon as Amelia saw herself in the mirror with the CT126, she knew the hunt was over. It had everything I was looking for and more. The dress was definitely a statement piece but it didn't overpower me, it made me a more beautiful version of myself. Amelia complimented the dress with a simple diamond necklace and bracelet, studded diamond earrings and Vince Camuto embellished silver pumps. She also wore a tiara and a belt for the reception. For sentimental value, I wore my grandmother's wedding ring pinned [...]

Dress of the week: MD224

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From the 2017 Milano collection, the MD224 has gorgeous details all over. Delicate lace appliqués in ivory and silver plus the beautiful back detail compose this very elegant sheath dress for the urban chic bride.

Sunday Inspiration: Best 20 TV weddings

By | giugno 18th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Ispirazione di Domenica|

Everyone gets attached to TV couples, we can even get mad if they break up. That's why we summarized a list of some of our favourite TV couples taking it to the next level. 1.Kimmy and Fernando - Fuller House (Kimmy looks stunning in our EK1021)   2.Lady Mary and Matthew - Downton Abbey   3.Mork and Mindy - Mork & Mindy   4.Lily and Marshal - How I Met Your Mother   5.Callie and Arizona - Grey's Anatomy   6.Jesse and Becky - Full House   7.Chandler and Monica - Friends   8.Sookie and Jackson - Gilmore Girls   9. Charlotte and Harry - Sex & The City   10.David and Donna - Beverly Hills 90210   11. Dwight and Angela - The Office   12. Fran and Maxwell - The Nanny   13. Lady Edith and Bertie - Downton Abbey   14. Carla and Turk - Scrubs   15.Serena and Dan - Gossip Girl   16.Howard and Bernadette - The Big Bang Theory   17.Phoebe and Mike - Friends   18.Chris and Liz - 30 Rock   19.Jim and Pam - The Office   20.Leslie and Ben - Parks & Recreation   BONUS: Jesse and Becky's wedding vow renewal - Fuller House

Eddy K. Bride Kandice

By | giugno 17th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Sposa Eddy K.|

Kandice and Tyneil met way back when she was in highschool. What started as a big brother/little sister relationship took a big turn and ended up turning into true love. He proposed at one of their favorite restaurants, Valentine’s Day had just passed and Kandice being an event producer, hadn’t had time to catch a breath until that moment. Tyneil caught her completely off guard and as soon as she said yes, their family showed up to celebrate with them. I would be lying if I told you that I remember every word, because it was as if time had stopped. In that moment, the years, the memories, the fact that my grandmother didn’t live to see this moment rushed in all at once. They decided to set a date right away since they both had very busy schedules, so they decided to surprise everyone with a date only 2 months away. Kandice took her #bridetribe (sister, cousins, friends) plus her mom and her aunt for the dress hunt to Atlanta. She had some pressure on her because of the time frame, she had to buy something that the store had in stock. I literally went with no style, color, or anything in mind. It’s so funny that once I was engaged, all of my “Ever After” Pinterest boards were obsolete and irrelevant. She made appointments at some stores and quickly found what she thought was the it dress so she put it on hold while she searched other stores for her bridesmaids dresses. They ended up at Bride Beautiful, where she was no longer looking for a dress, or so she thought. We walked in and were received warmly even though we had no [...]

2017 Couture Collection presented by designer Eddy K.

By | giugno 13th, 2016|Categories: Notizie|

The 2017 Couture Collection portrays nothing but sophistication. Eddy K. only uses the finest materials when designing this collection, which stands out at Fortezza Viscontea in Northern Italy, giving every dress a sense of nobility. With fine beading, supple tulle and dazzling lace, Couture is just a work of art.

Sunday Inspiration: 20 appetizers you MUST have at your wedding

By | giugno 5th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Ispirazione di Domenica|

When choosing the appetizers for your wedding you need to put a little thought into it. First of all, don't pick something that will be super hard to eat in one bite or that will probably drip as soon as you take a bite. Think simple but tasty, and most importantly, bite-size. We made this list taking into account all these important factors but also keeping in mind that you want to impress your guests with your food picks. You don't need to be a foodie to pick the right one. 1.Taylor Bay scallops 2.Baked Brie with wine-soaked blackberries 3.Watermelon "lollipops" 4.Prosciutto wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates 5. Black pepper gougers with pancetta and tomato 6. Smoked salmon and cream cheese cucumber bites 7. Beef or vegetarian mini tacos 8. Chili lime baked shrimp cups 9. Mac & Cheese bites 10. Teriyaki salmon bites 11.Shot glass veggie sticks 12.Caprese salad on a stick 13.Asian salad won ton cups 14.Sweet & tangy meatballs 15.Tomato soup shots 16. Asian marinated grilled shrimp skewers 17.Phyllo purses   18. Gorgonzola dolce with fig and port 19.Baby Greek salad 20.Mini lobster rolls

Dress of the week: MD199

By | giugno 3rd, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Vestito della Settimana|

The new Milano 2017 collection introduces the MD199, elegant and versatile. With a detachable train, any bride can make a great entrance walking down the aisle and then just detach it to dance all night long. Add the gorgeous illusion back, deep V-neck and that lovely lace, and you'll definitely make an impression to last a lifetime.

Eddy K. Bride Gabby

By | giugno 3rd, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Sposa Eddy K.|

Gabby and her husband met through her neighbour. It was a very romantic match organized by her now brother-in-law. He'd been talking to Gabby about him, of how they were the same age, single, and they'd be perfect for each other. He invited her on a blind date and the match was made. Only 6 months later he proposed! He popped the question in a restaurant where they were having dinner and hid the ring in her Margarita. Gabby told us that when the dress hunt began, she wasn't too excited with the idea of trying on wedding dresses because of her size, but her sister-in-law made her feel better by saying: You have been waiting for a long time to find the right person, you are a good girl, pretty and you deserve a very pretty and glamorous wedding dress. She took her mom, her sister, her sister-in-law and her best friend on a road trip from Mexico to Texas to find the perfect dress. She still wasn't too excited but once she tried on the first dress she had an inexplicable feeling that made her just want to buy that first dress (good thing she didn't). She finally found her way to Bride's Gallery where she tried on 3 or 5 dresses without having the wow feeling, until her sister-in-law came to the rescue once again and handed her the beautiful MD159. Gabby added a belt which she designed and had her sisters wear matching belts at the wedding. It was glamorous, wonderful and had everything that I dreamed of! WE CRIED!!! I felt like a queen.   The wedding ceremony was at the church near her house where she had attended mass since she was a little girl. Afterwards they had [...]

Dress of the week: EK1095

By | maggio 30th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Vestito della Settimana|

Eddy K Wedding Dress EK1095 The EK1095 from the new Eddy K. 2017 collection has everything a girl wants in a wedding dress. Gorgeous lace, a long train, a beautiful neckline and don't forget the low back, the EK1095 has all this and more. Eddy K Wedding Dress EK1095 Eddy K Wedding Dress EK1095

Sunday Inspiration: 22 funny wedding pictures

By | maggio 29th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Ispirazione di Domenica|

On your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect and go along as planned. You can do all those things and still have a little fun. Don't skip the formal pictures but add a comedy side to it. Here are 22 funny wedding picture ideas we chose just for you! Some have a more cute feeling to it but they will all make you crack some laughs.                                            

Style of the Week: Martinique

By | febbraio 22nd, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Vestito della Settimana|

Martinique, from the Eddy K. Dreams 2017 collection, is a gorgeous minimalist princess-y ball-gown that will blow everyone away. Its silhouette and fine embellishments on the waist give the right amount of drama to this simply elegant and modern take on the princess gown.

Style of the week: Eddy K Dreams Isandra

By | febbraio 15th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Vestito della Settimana|

Isandra, from the Eddy K. Dreams 2017 collection, shows that long sleeves are the new sexy. The sheer fabric and lace on the fitted sleeves and back of this dress also subtly hugs the waist highlighting the body’s beautiful curves. All these gorgeous details are perfectly matched with light crepe, softly gracing the lower body. This is the perfect dress for your dream destination wedding!!!        

Italian designer Eddy K. announces the launching of his new Eddy K. Dreams Collection 2017

By | febbraio 9th, 2016|Categories: Notizie, Posts del Blog|

The new Dreams Collection dares every bride to dream of the perfect dress for her special day and presents a wide range of styles to select from. The new Eddy K. Dreams Collection 2017 embraces the bride's vision of their wedding day and brings it to life with gowns that fulfill any bride's fantasy. Incorporating the art of design inspired by Milan, Italy, Eddy K dresses are often embellished with crystal beads and feature only the finest fabrics, laces and materials. Some brides want a fairy tale wedding with a lavishly embroidered gown that trails gracefully behind them, while others want something more simple and modern with sleek lines. Eddy K. recognizes the uniqueness of every bride and her personal style. Whether a woman is searching for a dress that is traditional, romantic, simple, bohemian, classic, glamorous or contemporary, the designer's new collection dares her to believe that anything is possible and that she can have the wedding dress that she has always dreamed of.

Style of the Week: Eddy K Dreams Toscana

By | febbraio 8th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Vestito della Settimana|

Our style of the week is the gorgeous Toscana wedding dress from the new Eddy K. 2017 Dreams Collection. With a sleek bodice that hugs the torso, minimal embellishments to accentuate the waistline and a fabulously ethereal skirt, this dress is simple yet beautifully modern.

Style of the Week: 77997

By | febbraio 1st, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Vestito della Settimana|

The 77997 dress from our ADK collection is a breathtaking style that highlights the female silhouette with the most exquisitely elegant lace. The gorgeously detailed back while the v-neckline frames the face and accentuates the beauty of the bride’s neck. Available in Ivory/Silver this is the perfect choice for the sophisticated and modern bride. 77997   77997   77997

Style of the Week: MD176

By | gennaio 25th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Vestito della Settimana|

The Eddy K. MD176 is all out elegance. Its classic sweetheart neckline and gorgeous semi cathedral train it seems like romance is created with this dress and its beautiful embroidered tulle. Available in Ivory/Light Gold and Ivory/Ivory, the bride who wears this dress will blow everyone away. MD176   MD176   MD176

Style of the Week: AK143

By | gennaio 17th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Vestito della Settimana|

The divine AK143 is our choice for the Style of The Week. Its A-line silhouette is a perfect option for any body type and its v-neckline helps to elongate the upper body. The romantic bride will love the gorgeous Venice lace appliques and  how the soft tulle skirt flows! Available in Ivory/Light Gold and ivory/Ivory. AK143   AK143   AK143

Style of the Week: 78008

By | gennaio 4th, 2016|Categories: Posts del Blog, Vestito della Settimana|

The Eddy K. 78008 from our 2016 ADK collection is a gorgeous chantilly lace dress with three quarter sleeves and a beautiful neckline. The sheath silhouette make it the perfect choice for a stylish bride looking for a perfect fit for a casual wedding. Available in Ivory/Champagne and Ivory/Ivory. 78008   78008   78008

Style of the Week: CT154

By | dicembre 22nd, 2015|Categories: Posts del Blog, Vestito della Settimana|

The CT154 is one of the signature dresses of the Eddy K. 2016 collections. It’s heavy beaded torso hugging bustier and its voluminous organza and horsehair skirt make this dress absolutely spectacular. Available in Champagne/Silver and Ivory/Silver this gown is the perfect dress for the chic, romantic, elegant bride. CT154   CT154  

Style of the Week: EK1065

By | dicembre 14th, 2015|Categories: Posts del Blog, Vestito della Settimana|

The Eddy K. EK1065 is simple perfection. As the embroidered corded lace details the torso it slowly fades away into a beautifully yet simple skirt. This splendid look is available in champagne/champagne, ivory/ivory or champagne/ivory.   EK1065   EK1065   EK1065