Style of the week: MD156

By |ottobre 20th, 2014|

Organza ruffles are so chic on a ball gown, giving it a very modern and fresh look. The incorporated pleated  organza belt on the natural waistline separates the skirt from the stunning top with direct embroidery and beading. And what can we say about the open back? So sexy!

Style of the week: CT137

By |ottobre 10th, 2014|

The direct embroidery and beading that flows delicately  into the tulle skirt makes this dress really special and unique. The A-line and sweetheart neckline makes for a great silhouette. Available in Ivory or in Light Gold. CT137 CT137  

Style of the week: ADK 77986

By |ottobre 6th, 2014|

The delicate lace on soft tulle, the incredible back, the cap sleeves; everything on this dress is just breathtaking! A form fitting silhouette will highlight your curves in a very elegant way. The light gold satin lining underneath the lace gives it a nice vintage look. This dress will definitely be a hit this season! 77986 77986 77986  

Our picks for a fall wedding: lace backs, embroidery and cute jackets

By |settembre 30th, 2014|

Fall is here, and beautiful colors are everywhere! Even though spring and summer seem to be the more popular seasons for getting married, the gorgeous autumn colors provide the most romantic setting for a wedding and a stunning backdrop for your wedding pictures. Here are our picks for the perfect fall wedding gown: This two toned velour lace gown will look amazing among the fall colors: Bouquet # AK129 Too chilly? Wear a cute lace jacket over your wedding dress. Our picks: EK1033 (left), 77980 (top right), 77981 (bottom right) It's the perfect time to wear embroidery and rich lace dresses. The natural lighting in the fall makes for stunning wedding photos, and the lace will stand out even more. CT128 (left), EK1021 (middle), 77961 (right) These gorgeous lace backs are so romantic for a fall wedding: AK115 (left), MD162 (right)

Style of the week: CT121

By |settembre 29th, 2014|

This dress will make you look like a princess! Couture Style #CT121; a superb ballgown with a sparkling tulle skirt and embroidered bustier. The jacket with matching embroidery is optional and can be removed. For a fairytale wedding! CT121 CT121

Style of the week: CT132

By |settembre 22nd, 2014|

A stunning Couture  gown, from the front and the back! The hand beading and embroidery  flows all the way down, along the soft tulle. The form fitting silhouette and the open back makes it sexy, yet elegant and classic. Combine it with minimal accessories, so the focus stays on the gown. CT132 CT132 CT132

Style of the week: ADK 77972

By |settembre 15th, 2014|

Take a closer look at our style of the week: ADK 77972. A corded chantilly lace A-line gown in soft tulle over a sparkling tulle skirt. The beautiful lace covers the neckline and the back. The natural waistline makes it perfect for any body type. Classic and elegant! 77972 77972 77972

Style of the week: MD155

By |settembre 8th, 2014|

Take a closer look at our style of the week: Eddy K Milano #MD155. Embroidered tulle with scattered sequins. The deep V-Neck, open back and and mermaid silhouette  give a sexy but at the same time very elegant look. The dress is available in Ivory with either ivory satin lining or light gold lining. The light gold makes the embroidery stand out even more. Whether you are tall or petite, small or big busted, this stunning gown is perfect for almost every body type.  

ADK 2015: It’s all about the lace

By |maggio 13th, 2014|

  Romantic, feminine and beautifully crafted. Those are the words to describe the 2015 ADK collection. Carefully selected lace,  exquisite details on backs and necklines, beaded belts; all these elements come together to highlight the feminine silhouette. Matching veils or little lace boleros give the final touch for the perfect look. Here is a little preview of this breathtaking collection.       77982 77974 77973 77963 77962 77961

Sexy backs and the Golden Globes

By |gennaio 13th, 2014|

Award season just started with last night's Golden Globe Awards, and like every year, we were anxious to find out what the stars were wearing, and what trends they are setting for 2014. One thing we could see last night, is that sexy backs are back! How stunning were Cate, Amy and Emma with their open back gowns! REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (2); Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP To get this look for your wedding dress, see what Eddy K has to offer this season: ADK #77959 ADK # 77946 ADK #77950  What do you think of this trend? Would you choose walk down the aisle with a sexy open back?    

The White Wedding Dress: How it all started / L’abito da sposa bianco: Ecco la sua nascita

By |marzo 27th, 2013|

Most brides will opt for a white wedding dress to get married in. Whether if she chooses a  traditional catholic ceremony or a civil union, or even if it's a second o third marriage, a dress in a white shade is by far the most common color. But do you know when and how this all started? You might think that this tradition goes back  many centuries. This is only partially true. Many people also assume and that white symbolizes purity and virginity, but that was not the original intention. It was the marriage of Queen Victoria to her cousin Albert of Saxe- Coburg in 1840 that really influenced the tradition of marrying in white. Long before that, white was a popular color to get married in among the higher classes. Wealthy brides often wore white to demonstrate their money, not their purity. However, the fabric was more important than the color to express the wealth, and many other colors were also commonly used: For example, blue was the color originally connected to purity, piety, faithfulness, and black was used a lot Scandinavia. White was not a widespread trend yet. Margaret Murray-Prior, in her wedding dress, 1882But after Queen Victoria's wedding, elites in Europe and across the Atlantic quickly followed her lead. Portrait of Queen Victoria in her lace trimmed wedding dress. (by Winterhalter, 1842)   The middle classes adopted this color only after Word War II, when media became more accessible and  Hollywood started to portray white weddings in movies.  In 1981 a three-quarter billion people watched Prince Charles marry Diana; this wedding is considered the most influential white wedding of the 20th century. It's hard not to remember Diana's white taffeta dress with [...]

Our favorite TV Weddings

By |marzo 12th, 2013|

Over the years, we have shared laughter and tears with our favorite TV characters getting married on screen.  Funny moments, romantic moments and moments when we just wanted to scream: "Stop! Don't say I do!" Here are some of our favorite TV weddings. Friends An all time favorite show with so many memorable weddings. It all started  with Rachel running away from her own wedding. Then Carol and Susan, Mike and Phoebe, and of course Monica and Chandler. But the funniest moment was probably when Ross said the wrong name when he wanted to marry Emily. Grey's Anatomy We loved Izzie's and Alex's wedding (too bad it didn't last too long) and Callie's and Arizona's. Although our favorite moment was when Derek and Meredith got married on a post-it. Desperate Housewives Susan's and Mike's storyline was always very complicated, they even got married twice. But we will never forget the series's finale, when Renee married her Aussie. Sex and the City Charlotte had one perfect wedding that didn't last and one disaster wedding where she married her true love. We loved Miranda's and Steve's simple wedding.But we had to wait for the movie to see the wedding we all have been waiting for so long: After uncountable on and offs and a memorable Vivienne Westwood wedding dress that didn't make it to the altar, Carrie and Big finally said "I do". Glee Sue Sylvester marrying herself in that track-suit wedding dress must have been one of the most original TV weddings ever. Would you wear this kind of dress to your wedding? Tell us: What was your favorite TV wedding?

Happy International Women’s Day!

By |marzo 8th, 2013|

Since 1917, on March 8th we celebrate International Women's Day around the globe. The United Nations has been organizing this day since 1977, every year under a different theme.  This year it's ” A Promise is a Promise: Time for Action to End violence Against Women”. Sadly, we still hear horrific news about violence against women, and numerous organizations and programs worldwide are fighting to stop these incidents for good. Let's all stand together and fight for the rights and freedom of women worldwide. To all the amazing women: Happy International Women's Day, from Eddy K. Here are a few links where you can read more about International Women's Day:    

Oscars 2013: Get the look with a gown from Eddy K

By |febbraio 25th, 2013|

We saw a lot of  white and nude gowns last night at the Oscars and couldn't help but compare them to wedding gowns. Ice pink, ice grey, pastels and other pale shades dominated the red carpet last night. Here are some of our favorites. Get a similar look with a wedding gown from Eddy K! Amy Adams in a pale grey feather ball gown that matched her eyes beautifully. Get the look with style MD121 from the Eddy K Milano collection. Kristen Stewart in a strapless Reem Acra gown. Get a similar look with this ADK #77922  lace dress. Octavia Spencer in a beige Chiffon gown from Tadashi Shoji. Style WH609 in Satin Organza will give you this look. Amanda Seyfried in an embellished Alexander McQueen. Get this type of neckline with Style #77924 from the ADK collection. One of our absolute favorites: Charlize Theron in Dior. Get this sleek and elegant look with  Wish style #IN5218. What do you think of last night's Oscar's fashion? Which gown was your favorite?

Grab your dress and your groom and get married on a beach!

By |febbraio 18th, 2013|

February is the month of love, but it’s also one of the coldest months in a lot of countries; that time of the year where everybody is just waiting for winter to be over. Although it’s the shortest month on the calendar, it often seems endless. It is also the time when many destination weddings take place. Even if destination wedding doesn’t necessarily mean beach wedding, the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear this term, is a romantic wedding ceremony on an exotic beach at sunset. Looks tempting, right? Many brides and grooms opt for this type of wedding celebration. It is often more intimate (usually only close family and friends are invited) and it is the perfect opportunity to spend more than just one evening with these close people. Also, why not take  advantage and combine it with your honeymoon? The  dress for a beach wedding is usually made of a very light fabric like chiffon or soft organza. Some brides choose a short or tea-length dress for this type of ceremony. Beside the advantage that it is easy to pack, the light material flows so nicely in the fresh ocean breeze. Here are a few EddyK dresses from this season that would make a perfect destination wedding dress: Style AA131in chiffon from the Silhouette collection. Style AA121 from the Silhouette collection; and elegant chiffon dress with a transparent back with lace details. WH623 from the Wish collection; a tea length tulle dress with satin bow and border. If you prefer a short dress, style WH626 from the Wish collection is a great option. Plus, if you are unable to decide whether to go short or long, the skirt is [...]

Suggerimenti film per la futura sposa – Movie suggestions for the future bride

By |gennaio 6th, 2013|

Buongiorno future spose!!!Siete sicuramente di corsa, avrete certamente milioni di cose da fare, dalla cerimonia, alla location, ai fiori alla musica, ma ad un certo punto bisogna fermarsi. Niente di meglio di una commedia leggera e divertente, che potrà farvi sdrammatizzare il momento critico dell´organizzazione del matrimonio, pur restando in tema. La cinematografia offre una grandissima varietà di scelta: si tratta di commedie che vi aiuteranno a guardare con altri occhi e con un sorriso lieve il meraviglioso e complicato mondo del matrimonio.Questi sono alcuni dei miei film preferiti (da romanticona quale sono). E voi che ne pensate???Visti??? Avete altre proposte??? Cristina (Eddy K) Hello future brides!' You are probably in the middle of wedding planning with a million things to do; from the ceremony, the location, the flowers, the music.  But at some point you have to sit back and relax a bit. Nothing better than watching a light comedy and have some fun during this stressful time.  There is a variety of movie choices that will help you look with different eyes at the wonderfully complicated world of weddings and the planning that is involved. These are some of my favorite movies about this topic. Have you seen them?  Which ones are your favorites?  Do you have other suggestions? Cristina (Eddy K)

EK933 – Style of the week

By |dicembre 14th, 2012|

  Our newest bridal style of the week! EK933 has a beautiful lace bodice over soft tulle skirt. The belt is detachable as well. As seen our website.    

2960 – Style of the Week

By |dicembre 7th, 2012|

Fabulous Friday's style of the week! Style 2960 has an incredible lace all around the skirt!    

EK958 – Style of the week

By |novembre 30th, 2012|

Back by popular demand! Eddy K's EK958 returns as our best dress of the week! With a very special Embroidered Tulle skirt, it's available in both White and Ivory.    

Getting ready for showtime!

By |giugno 21st, 2012|

Preparations at the Melia Hotel in Milan are on its way. Have a look! The entrance of Hotel Melia Milano where the show will take place   Setting up the runway Our army of mannequins The hotel's lobby. Doesn't really have to do with Bridal, but who doesn't like a fancy car?