Featured retailer: Crème Couture

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“Where memories are made and dreams become a reality”

Michèle Gray is the  owner of this exquisite bridal boutique, located in Guelph, Ontario. Michèle has a long time experience in the bridal industry, working first as a model and then as a consultant, before she recently took over this store. “I bring that experience and my own sense of style and passion for the industry to serve all of our customers”, she states on her website. “At Crème Couture we believe the journey of planning your wedding should be as memorable as the day itself.


See what she has to say about her boutique and valuable advise she gives to brides that are shopping for  a dress:

Describe your store in three words
Intimate, Elegant, attention to detail

On Average, how many months (or even years?) before her wedding does a future bride start shopping for her dress?
Typically a bride will start shopping for a wedding gown about a year before her wedding. It is always important to start early so there is plenty of time to order the gown and get the needed alterations before her big day.

Does she usually know exactly what she wants or does she come in with no idea in her mind?
Most of the time our brides have an idea of what they think they what. But it is our challenge to style them in what will make them look gorgeous on their wedding day. Dressing a brides character is what we strive to do ensuring she wears the gown not, the gown wears her. We are known for styling our ladies. 90 percent of the time brides leave with a completely different style of gown than they originally had. They leave feeling thrilled and […]

The perfect wedding dress for each body type

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Ballgown, mermaid, trumpet, A-line, empire, natural waist, dropped waist… there are so many shapes and forms when it comes to wedding dresses, but not necessarily every cut flatters every figure.

Here are a few tips from us for finding the right dress for you body type.

If you are pear shaped

If you have big hips or a pear shaped body, you could either look for a classic A-line silhouette or a natural waistline that flows away from the hips. But if you want to emphasize on your curves, you could also choose a mermaid gown.

Our pick:


A natural waistline and a ruffled skirt to draw attention away from the hips:  Style 77956

If you want to highlight your hips, this beaded mermaid gown is a great choice:  Style CT105.


If you are petite

A strapless mermaid or trumpet gown is perfect for petites. You can also go for a style with a waistline above the natural waist, since it will make you appear longer.

Avoid dropped waist or big ballgowns;  you don’t want to disappear in your dress.

Our pick:

A strapless or one-shoulder mermaid gown is a great option for a petite girl: Style AK99

This high waistline will make a short body appear taller: Style EK992


If you are plus sized

Diagonal pleads along the waist have a slimming effect are a great choice for curvier bodies. Classic A-lines or ballgowns are also a good option.

Our pick:

Classic A-line with a sweetheart neckline and slimming pleads: Style EK977

A great ballgown with lace details and illusion neckline: Style EK967

If you are busty

Choose a V- or neckline or halter gown to show some cleavage. Don’t cover your chest, it will make you look even bustier.

A great option for bigger busts: Style AK80


If you are small chested

A sweetheart neckline […]

An extravagant engagement and a secret wedding

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Wow, there’s been big celebrity wedding news this week!

The biggest news, without doubt: Kim Kardashian is going to be a bride once again. What a proposal by Kanye! He went all out, renting a baseball stadium and hiring an 50-man orchestra.


And they sure weren’t shy about sharing their news: Kim tweeted a picture of her 15 karat engagement ring.

With an engagement this big, we are wondering how big the wedding will be. And of course, how her dress(es) will be like.


In other celebrity news: Kelly Clarkson said I do over the weekend. She was for sure more private than Kim and Kanye; it was a secret wedding and the world only found out on Monday, when she tweeted a picture of her wedding. She looked gorgeous in her long sleeve lace gown.

She recently shared the cutest video of her wedding. So romantic! And what a perfect location!


Do you like Kelly’s wedding look? Take a look at these Eddy K styles for a similar look:


Keeping the Bride Stress Free

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This article was written by our guest blogger Morgan Gray. She is the maid of honor at her sister’s upcoming wedding and is giving very helpful advise on how to lower the stress lever of a bride-to be.

By Morgan Gray

Weddings are beautiful days, and no matter how much planning goes on, there is sure to be stress that comes with the event for the bride, the groom, the maid of honor, the best man – you name it. But if you’re the maid of honor, it’s your job to help keep the bride cool, calm, and collected. The main thing I learned from my first wedding party experience: be prepared. Here’s some advice to help keep the bride relaxed and as stress free as you can.

Before the Wedding Day

Make sure the bride gets to relax! After all, the bride has a lot that she’s going to be doing: invitations, figuring out the caterer, her dress, the venue – the list is endless. That’s where a maid of honor comes in, to help however she is needed. What I recommend is setting up a coffee or lunch date where the two of you will meet. Whether that is weekly, bi-weekly, or every month, it helps to have some scheduled time to chat and for the bride to talk with her best friend. Yes, that may turn into venting time, but that can also help the two of you figure out problem areas and what you can do to help.


I know that I ended up scheduling a lot of what the bridesmaids did, and a lot to do with when people were coming in and where they would stay. If the reception hall doesn’t have a hotel […]

Keep it simple or make a statement?

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Choosing your perfect wedding dress is no easy task. So many styles,  so many fabrics, so many beautiful gowns. Where to begin?

Are you the kind of bride who knows exactly how her dress will look like since the age of 7, or do you have no idea whatsoever?

Are you looking for a classic, elegant look? Do want to keep it clean and simple? Or do you want to make a fashion statement and wear a gown that nobody will ever forget?

To answer these questions, you have to keep in mind that what’s most important is that you feel comfortable in your dress and that you feel like yourself. If you usually dress simple, you will probably feel uncomfortable and “off” wearing a statement piece.

If your friends are used to seeing you in the most fashionable clothes, they will probably expect you to wear something extravagant at your wedding.

You also need to know how to accessorize. With a simple gown, you can either choose minimalistic accessories, but you could also combine your dress with a statement piece of jewelry, headpiece or add an interesting belt.

If you choose a more elaborated dress, the accessories you choose should not be a distraction from the dress.

Here a a few choices for each look.

If you want to keep it simple:










 Bouquet Style #AK97: A strapless organza gown with a sweetheart neckline. If you find it too simple, you can add a beaded or colored belt to it.


Style EK996. An organza drop waist gown, with a sweetheart neckline. You can also add a belt or this little lace bolero jacket.

This champagne satin gown is simple and so elegant, and should be combined with minimal accessories. Also available in white or ivory

If […]

All eyes will be on your back!

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It is one the most important moments of your life, and all eyes will be on you. (Maybe also on your groom, but mostly on you). You have invested so much time in looking just perfect for this special day; your hair, your make-up, your shoes, your bouquet and, most important: your dress!

So all eyes will be on you on your wedding day, but have you thought that for a good part of the ceremony, those eyes will be on your back?

That’s why the back of a wedding is just as important as the front. Here are few EddyK 2014 gowns with stunning and original backs. Whether you choose a classic, sexy or vintage look, for sure, nobody will be able to keep their eyes off you in any of those!



What do you think of these beautiful gowns? Which one is your favorite?



Congratulations, Lindsay and Tony

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Lindsay, you looked beautiful in your Eddy K gown! Congratulations to both of you!

Lindsay and Tony from Ajax, Ontario.

Married  August 24th, 2013.

Dress: Eddy K Style EK944.

A look behind the scenes: Eddy K Couture photo shoot

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We want to share some pictures with you from our latest photo shoot of the brand new Eddy K Couture line.


Eddy K 2014: Romantic and Feminine

By |giugno 19th, 2013|

This weekend, Eddy K will launch its 2014 collections during a three-day fashion event held in Milan, Italy, and the preparations are on its way!

Many of you might have already seen a little preview with the pictures and videos that we have been posting. But that is only a fraction of what will be on the runway this year.

Eddy K’ s signature romantic look is strongly present in this upcoming season, but there are also many innovations.  The gowns seem less heavy because of the use of soft tulle and organza, which give he gowns a much lighter and fresher look than in previous years.

Also big in 2014 are the elegant lace dresses from the ADK collection, whose designs are homage to the feminine silhouette.

One of the highlights will be the launch of a brand new collection: Couture. This exclusive collection uses the finest materials like silk and silky organza, combined with elaborated details of appliqués and Swarovski Crystals.

In the next days we will be updating you with pictures from the fashion show. Stay tuned!

The bride and her horse

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We love it when brides share their wedding pictures with us, wearing their Eddy K gown.

Here are some pictures that Andrea Thomas from the UK sent us. They are just stunning. It is her horse on the picture, and she wrote to us: “My horse must have stood on my dress a 100 times while I was leading him and while I was galloping along the beach, but after a good wash nobody believed how good it still looked.”

Thank you, Andrea, for sharing these beautiful pictures!

We invite all Eddy K brides to share their pictures with us, and we will be happy to feature them on this blog!

2960 – Style of the Week

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Fabulous Friday’s style of the week! Style 2960 has an incredible lace all around the skirt!



EK958 – Style of the week

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Back by popular demand! Eddy K’s EK958 returns as our best dress of the week! With a very special Embroidered Tulle skirt, it’s available in both White and Ivory.



Getting ready for showtime!

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Preparations at the Melia Hotel in Milan are on its way. Have a look!
The entrance of Hotel Melia Milano where the show will take place

Setting up the runway

Our army of mannequins
The hotel’s lobby. Doesn’t really have to do with Bridal, but who doesn’t like a fancy car?


What to expect this year on Eddy K’s runway

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Eddy K’s Fashion Event starts in two days! Our team is working hard to get everything ready for the big show and the Gala.

Retailers and brides-to-be are anxious to see the new collections on the runway and to find out what we have to offer for 2013.

Apart from beautiful new laces and embroidery, this year we will have an exclusive division  of elegant silk dresses.

Ballgowns with tulle layers are also well represented in this collection. The Eddy K Milano collection will feature its signature transparent tops an full skirts of Organza, Tulle and Victorian Taffeta.

Our Sera line offers a great selection of beautiful Chiffon and Tafetta gowns for the mother of the bride or groom, and the new cocktail division, Festa, includes cute short dresses as well as elegant evening gowns.

There will be everything for every taste; over 200 different gowns are being prepared right now for the runway!





Countdown to the 2013 Fashion Event in Milan

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The countdown has begun! 8 more days to our annual Fashion Event in Milan, where we will present the beautiful Bridal and Cocktail collections for 2013.

Retailers from all over Europe will attend this three day event that takes place at the Hotel Melia in Milan, Italy.

We will be posting updates, pictures and videos directly from the runway and the Gala Evening. A great opportunity for a first preview of the new collection!



Behind the scenes of Eddy K’s photo shoot

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Eddy K is working hard on the catalog for the 2013 collections! We want to share a few pictures with you that we took during the photo shoot in Milan, Italy.

Advice for make-up Artists – Consigli ai Make up Artist

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Wedding makeup is not as simple as you might think, there are several elements to consider. It should appear natural and bright like daily make-up, but at the same time we must take in account the photography, so we need to achieve a compromise between the two factors.
We always need to consider the needs of the customer, knowing her expectations for her make-up. This is why makeup tests have to be done days before the event, in order to get a perfect result that fulfills the bride’s expectations.
Start with a deep skin cleansing, at least three days before the special day. That way it gives the skin time to relax. This step will also avoid the makeup to appear extremely shiny.

Il trucco sposa non è così semplice come si potrebbe pensare, ci sono diversi elementi da considerare, dovrà risultare naturale e luminoso come un make-up da giorno, allo stesso tempo bisognerà tener conto del risultato fotografico, dosando in maniera sapiente i prodotti per ottenere un compromesso tra trucco giorno e fotografico, notoriamente agli antipodi. Teniamo sempre presenti le esigenze della cliente, parlando con lei delle aspettative e del suo make-up quotidiano, difficilmente accetterà di stravolgere completamente la sua solita immagine, questo è il motivo delle prove trucco giorni prima dell’evento, in modo da raggiungere un’accordo ideale per la sposa.
Cominciate col proporre una pulizia della pelle in profondità, almeno tre giorni prima del fatidico giorno, in modo da dar tempo alla pelle di rilassarsi, questo passaggio vi faciliterà il trucco dando all’incarnato un’estrema lucentezza.

On the wedding day, use a  a cotton ball with  make-up remover immediately after applying the tonic. Dry with a tissue and massage the skin with hydrating fluid. Perfect for this is […]

How to get a perfect make-up to last all day. – Come ottenere un make-up perfetto per tutto il giorno.

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If the make-up does not have a lasting effect on the face, it is often the fault of inadequate preparation of the skin before applying it.  Due to the fact that we all have different types of skin, the appropriate creams have to be applied, so that the make-up has a long lasting and fresh appearance.  The preparation is essential to make the skin compact and smooth, enabling  a perfect make-up application.
Follow the steps below for to get a perfect end result.

Se il trucco non ha una lunga tenuta sul viso, spesso la colpa è di un’inadeguata preparazione della pelle prima dell’applicazione del make-up , abbiamo diverse tipologie di epidermide che se non lavorate adeguatamente con le giuste creme, il risultato può essere quello di una difficoltà del trucco ad aderire alla pelle quindi ad avere una tenuta limitata sul viso, a maggior ragione se il  make-up è da sposa, la preparazione della pelle è indispensabile per rendere compatta e uniforme l’epidermide, semplificando una perfetta stesura del fondotinta e ottenere un trucco di estrema durata.
I passaggi di seguito dovranno essere fatti su visi già perfettamente struccati in precedenza.

Oily skin:
Oil and secretion of sebum are the culprit for visible open pores. In this case the intent of the preparation is to eliminate the grease without over-drying the skin. Using astringent or alcohol based products limits the grease and decreases the visibility of the pores. The following step is to use a grease free moisturizer well massaged into the skin. Remove all excess dampness with a cotton ball lightly soaked in the same toner.  Dab with a tissue and proceed with the make-up.

Pelle grassa :
Riconoscibile da pori dilatati, epidermide spessa e con una forte secrezione […]