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  • Dress Style: Cora

  • Favourite Dress Feature: Sweetheart neckline and plunge

  • Hair Stylist: Ashleigh Stewart Hair

  • MakeUp Artist: Sabaa Khan

  • Ceremony & Reception: The Vu in Bathgate, Scotland

  • Wedding Theme: Black & White

“My experience was amazing start to finish! I was extremely overwhelmed with the amount of dress choices. All dresses were stunning and thankfully the shop I chose to shop in had photos of each dress on a model attached to them, which was a massive help! At first, I chose the Eddy K Eleonora, however, one important thing to me was not to have a big train so when I tried on the Cora and added little straps I was sold! I was also 16 weeks pregnant at the time of my wedding, my dress was extremely comfortable, and you could not tell! ” – Kathleen

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  • Dress Style: Eve

  • Store: Bride to be Bridal in Woodinville, WA

  • Favourite Dress Feature: Buttons down the back

  • Hair Stylist: @jordynnashleehair  

  • MakeUp Artist: @trinnity.rainandco

  • Ceremony & Reception: Rein Fire Ranch in Ravensdale, WA

  • Wedding Theme: Rustic

  • Photographer: HoneySeed Photo & Film

“I saw Eve pop up in my Instagram for you page and fell in love with it. I then realized it was a 2022 and that it most likely wouldn’t be out in time for the wedding, until I saw that Eddy K does trunk shows. There just so happened to be a trunk show near my hometown and I bought a ticket and went to try it on! I tried on maybe 4 dresses before we got to Eve and once I put it on, I knew that it was my dress!” – Hannah

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  • Dress Style & Veil: Maya

  • Store: Clarice’s Bridal in St Louis, MO

  • Favourite Dress Feature: All the lace details especially the back of the dress, its stunning!

  • Hair & MakeUp: Abigail Joy Hair & Makeup

  • Ceremony: Cathedral of Saint Peter in Belleville, IL

  • Reception: O’Fallon KC Hall in Belleville, IL

  • Floral Design: Kirkwood Florist

  • Cake: Cake House Design

“I went into my first and only bridal appointment with a very vague idea of what I wanted for my dream wedding dress – lace detail and a lower cut back with a train. I had tried on several dresses before the Eddy K Maya Dreams dress but none of them truly made me feel like they were the one. The stylist at Clarice’s Bridal brought back one last dress and as soon as I tried it on I knew I had found THE perfect dress! & my dress squad agreed! The intricate lace details, perfectly placed bead work and stunning train was everything! This dress made me feel like the most beautiful bride.” – Valerie

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  • Dress Style: UR125

  • Favourite Dress Feature: The train and horsehair material

  • Hair Stylist: Hair by Marina Emily

  • MakeUp Artist: Jenny Riley

  • Ceremony & Reception Venue: Lizton Lodge

  • Photographer: Rogue Images Photography

“I went into wedding dress shopping with a certain style and look in mind, but everyone kept telling me that you end up picking the complete opposite of what you have in mind. Of course I didn’t believe that because I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted and it looked beautiful in photos. As a shock to no one, those people were right and the dress I chose was the complete opposite of what I thought I wanted. I went into Brides by Young thinking I was going to come out with a flowy a-line dress. Being curvy, I don’t normally gravitate towards form fitting things so I figured flowy would be better. Boy was I wrong. The stylist brought out this beautiful Eddy K dress, but I still was not convinced seeing it on the hanger because the ballgown, tulle look was not something I wanted. However, I knew I would be doing myself a disservice if I did not at least try the dress on. As soon as I put it on, I was blown away. The dress made me feel so comfortable and beautiful, something I often struggle with as a plus size person. The dress instantly flattered my body type and truly made me feel like a bride. I ended up going to another bridal salon to look at more dresses, but just could not get the Eddy K dress out of my head and knew it was the one for me. The experience I had at Brides by Young was also phenomenal. The stylist helped me in and out of all the dresses and did a good job of selecting the perfect dresses to try on. They also specialize in curvy styles so at no point did I feel bad about myself because there was no such thing as too small of samples sizes at this salon.” – Lindsey

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“I did a lot of research as to which style I wanted for my wedding dress. I knew I wanted mesh sleeves with lace, a beauty flowy skirt with a train, and buttons going up the back. I fell in love with the Eddy K Italia Rosella dress online, but wanted to make sure I was not missing out on other dresses as well. I reached out to the first wedding dress boutique I could find that carried that specific dress, which happened to be Meadowbrooke Bridal. It was a private try-on session, we were the only ones in the store. I also brought along my mom and soon-to-be mother-in-law. We picked out the Eddy K Italia Rosella dress and so many other styles to try on. I waited to try on the Eddy K Italia Rosella dress ‘till last, to save the best for last. I knew it was the one when we put the veil with it, I was sold. I did continue to try on a few other dresses in the store, however the spark of dress shopping had gone away because I knew the Eddy K Italia Rosella dress was the one. I tried on 7 dresses in total at the one and only place I went to try on wedding dress. We walked away with the dress and veil, and I canceled our other dress try-on appointments we had scheduled for that day.” – Ally

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  • Dress Style: Fleur *modified with zipper back

  • Store: Eva Ashley in Wales, UK

  • Favourite Dress Feature: Lace flowers

  • Hair Stylist: Spa at Grand Riviera Princess

  • MakeUp Artist: The bride herself!

  • Ceremony & Reception Venue: Hotel Grand Riviera Princess in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

“My experience was just magical. I originally spotted the dress on Instagram and fell in love. I booked my appointment at Eva Ashley Swansea, wishing to try on Fleur. When I arrived at the store, there she was…Fleur was on the mannequin in the shop window. The one and only mannequin just so happened to be advertising Fleur. It was meant to be. Out of the hundreds of dresses in store, it was just fate. Having tried on a few different dresses, nothing came close. As soon as I tried on Fleur, it was everything I had dreamed of and more. Thank you Eddy K for designing such a beautiful, timeless dress.” – Alisha

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