Planning your wedding is fun, but it can also be very stressful. Whether you are having a big princess wedding or a small ceremony with only your closest family and friends, there are many steps involved, and no matter how simple or extravagant the wedding, you want it to be perfect.


You and your dress will be the center of attention on your wedding day and therefore the most important element (beside your groom).  Here are few tips we want to share with you when it comes to buying your dream dress:

Do research. See what’s out there to get an idea. There are many sources to look at wedding dresses. Magazines are perhaps the most traditional source, but you can spend hours on the Internet to look at dresses. Pinterest, instagram or wedding blogs are a great way to get inspired.


Do start shopping early!  It’s never too early to start looking for your dream dress, but it might get too late.  Boutiques usually only carry  one size of a particular style for brides to try on, so you will have to order your own dress in your size. Keep in mind that it takes between 4 and 5 months for a wedding dress to be delivered. So start at least 6 months before your wedding, in order to avoid paying for rush delivery.

Don’t expect the same service everywhere. Bridal Boutiques are the best place to shop for your dress. They give you an appointment and the consultants will take the time to personally assist you. You probably won’t get that same service at discount stores or chains.

The Bridal Boutique in Edmonton, one of Eddy K's premium retailers.
The Bridal Boutique in Edmonton, one of Eddy K’s premium retailers.

Don’t be unrealistic. Prices for wedding dresses vary a lot. There are simple dresses with no mayor embellishments that can be very affordable and yet very elegant. But some dresses require a huge workmanship:  expect to pay more for elements like crystal beading, lace or silk.

Do get others opinions. Maybe the dress you had originally in mind isn’t the right one for you after all. But if you were so fixated in a particular style, you might not see if it doesn’t really suit you. Bring your best friend along and ask her opinion (but make sure she’s honest!) You can also trust the salesperson’s opinion and tips. In most cases they are very professional and experienced and just want to help you look perfect.

Do expect to have alterations done. Even if the dress you ordered is the correct size, there are usually alterations that have to be done. Every body is different and you want your dress to fit like a glove. Many boutiques offer alterations and sometimes even include them in the price. If you have to go somewhere else, make sure to have references. You don”t want your dress to be ruined by unprofessional hands.


Don’t buy your dress online! We can not stress this enough. Even if you know exactly what you want, do not order on the Internet! If you tried on a $3,000 dress in a boutique and you see that dress online for half or even less the price, you can be sure that it is an imitation. You could seriously regret this purchase and end up spending more money to get a new dress.

And last but not least: Do make it a fun experience! This is a time when you get to try on as many beautiful and expensive dresses as you want. You are the center of attention  and people will treat you like a princess. So don’t be a bridezilla. Have fun!