“Clarice’s Bridal was the 3rd boutique that I went to, to find my wedding dress. After spending so much time at the first 2, I was hesitant to keep adding stores to my search until 2 close friends mentioned that Clarice’s Bridal is where they bought their wedding gowns as well. I gave my consultant a description of my dress preference (mermaid and/or silhouette fitting) and let her work her magic. This dress was my 5th dress I tried on and was instantly intrigued because (1) I would’ve looked over it due to the detailed bottom (2) It was over the budget I originally set for myself. I loved this dress but couldn’t convince myself to purchase that day. I took pictures for future reference and left the store. I actually went to a 4th store, purchased an off-rack dress, only to keep looking at pictures of the Eddy K dress and annoying my husband-to-be with sentiments of how much I really loved the Eddy K dress. Finally he said, “Alana, if that’s what you want, go back and get the dress you want.” With the help of my mom, I went back and got my dream dress.

I would not change a thing about our wedding day. We had a pretty quick engagement – 9 months and I always referenced it as our full term baby – so it made for a pretty intense planning process. We made a commitment to only focus on the day and should plans drift, as long as we still said “I do” nothing else mattered. We had the best wedding coordinator that worked her magic and brought to life the vision that Devin and I set for the #DNALoveAffair. Our subtle theme was music (we have a shared love for music) so in between the treats on the sweets shelf, we had vinyl records from some of our favorite artists. Our guests were instructed to wear all Black which made for a beautiful aesthetic to my Ivory. We were able to spend the evening with 250+ of our most loved family and friends and it is a day I will always remember. Cheers to the #DNALoveAffair.” – Alana