• Dress Style: Giulia

  • Store: Celebrations Bridal and Prom

  • Photographer: Monica Roberts Photography

  • Wedding Coordinator: Touch of Whimsy

  • Venue: Hyatt Hill Country

  • Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Jax Studio

  • Florist: Eden’s Echo

  • Bakery: Hyatt Wedding Cake, 2Tarts Groom Cake

  • Cookies: Frosted Confetti Cookies

“The journey to find my perfect wedding gown was not quick and easy. I had no clue what kind of neckline or material
I wanted for my dress, yet alone the overall style! At my first bridal boutique, I had the stylist pull me every type of dress style they had. And from that point, I was able to decide on the certain elements of the dresses I preferred and which were more flattering on my body type.

I knew that I wanted a strappy dress, and I wanted something flowy instead of form-fitting. I was back-and-forth with my mom on the extravagance of the dress – she wanted sequins, lace, and beading all at once, and frankly, I just wanted one solid material with no detail. When I saw the Eddy K dress hanging, I knew immediately I wanted to try it on. It was the perfect blend of what my mom and I both wanted. It was flowy, it was strappy, and it had the perfect amount of beading and details that were classy and elegant. But once I tried it on, I instantly knew it was “the one” because it was so flattering on me, and compared to similar dresses I had tried on, it had the most attention to detail.

The straps were beautifully beaded, the sides had an intricate geometric design, and the buttons on the back were my favorite element. I had so much fun wearing that dress and received so many compliments, especially from my husband! I definitely felt like a princess in my dress!” – Allyson