EddyKBRide Andreina

Eddy K. Bride Andreina’s story revolves around two special places for the couple, the beach and New York City. The beach is the place where they met, there were sparkles from the first moment and they’ve been inseparable ever since. After dating for a year, they went on vacation to New York City. After a day of strolling around in a bike, Allan (the groom) took her to a beach in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where he popped the question, mixing up their two special places and making the proposal even more romantic.



Andreina found her dress in Coral Gables Bridals. She tried on things she never thought could be her dress but eventually came by the MD188 and she was hooked. She really felt like the dress matched her personality perfectly. In her own words:

It was simple, yet elegant. Vintage, yet modern. Fresh but with a lot of attitude. The perfect match for me.

To complete her attire, she wore her grandmother’s earrings, which she gave them to her as a gift after the wedding, her engagement ring and she borrowed the shoes from one of her best friends.



The ceremony and the reception took place in Lomas de Caruao, Venezuela, a spectacular beach near Caracas, kind of secluded in the mountain, surrounded by a breathtaking view. The ceremony was at dusk at a magical spot with ocean view. The sun went down just as the priest was blessing the Host in perfect synchronization and they shared some personal vows to give it an authentic touch. The reception was also outdoors, everything very simple but elegant with lights that gave it a very modern feeling. Everyone was in party mode, dancing all night long, the food was great (and gluten-free), and the whole ambiance of the party  was out of this world.






Some tips from the bride:

  • Buy your dress with Eddy K. And buy it by yourself! choose whatever gives you the right feeling without the stress of having to please everyone.

  • Enjoy organizing the event and don’t get bitter if something doesn’t go exactly as you planned. Have an Excel sheet to organize everything. This is a job, you have to enjoy it, but it’s a job after all. The more organized the better, and do it with love and passion.

  • Delegate tasks to your friends, sisters, cousins, etc.

  • Make all the decisions with your heart and not your logic.

  • Make sure everything at your wedding has a personal touch.

  • This is just one night, it will always be unforgettable, but what matters the most is that you’ll spend the rest of your life with this person.




For the quick honeymoon, they went back to their favourite city, New York, and they’ll have their official honeymoon in December in Asia.


Dress: Milano MD188 in ivory/light gold

Store: Coral Gables Bridals

Photographer: Indeleble Films

Location: Lomas de Caruao