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Anya and James met at the University of Connecticut. At first they were both too shy to contact each other but James’ shyness went away after seeing Anya for the second time. She asked her out and later after graduating, he moved from Connecticut to Massachusetts to start a life with Anya. He proposed at theOld Grist Mill in Sudbury with her best friends, her parents and her dog Daisy, he even got a photographer to capture the moment.

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Anya had never thought about wedding dresses until she got engaged, her mind was completely blank as of what she wanted in her dress. After doing some research, she was able to put together a lot of things she wanted in her gown. She spent many hours looking for the perfect dress, both online and at the stores and her mom finally found what she had been describing. They were able to locate that gown at La Reine Bridal.

On my wedding day, with my Eddy K. dress, I felt mature, elegant, a little sexy, very beautiful and, as any girl wants to feel on her wedding day, like an absolute princess. Even after the reception, back a the hotel, I didn’t want to take it off and decided to stay on it for another our or so while everyone else was in their PJs


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For their honeymoon, they went to St. Marteen were they snorkelled, swam with dolphins and took sunset cruises.

Tips from the bride:

My greatest advice would be to trust yourself when choosing things for you wedding. It’s your day, so as long as you stay true to yourself you can’t go wrong. This ranges from everything, from picking out the perfect gown to deciding on decorations, vendors and even a venue. Do what you know will make you happy and your day will turn out perfect and live in your memory as a fairy tale just as mine does!