Dress: Eddy K. Dreams Lucia

Store: Bacio Bacio Bridal

Wedding Planner: Robin Gutilla from The Colony Resort

Photographer: Krystal Zaskey Photography

Hair & Make Up: Fabiola Cristina

Flower Arrangements: Flowers To Go

Ceremony & Reception: The Colony Resort

A tip from the bride: Don’t rule out any dresses, try on all styles and designs. You never know what you will fall in love with.

bride-ashley-002 bride-ashley-001

bride-ashley_0397 bride-ashley_0408 bride-ashley_4606 bride-ashley_4624 bride-ashley_4453 bride-ashley_4447

bride-ashley_4962 bride-ashley_4976 bride-ashley_0865 bride-ashley_0932-2 bride-ashley_5043 bride-ashley_5101 bride-ashley_5116

bride-ashley_5311 bride-ashley_5233

bride-ashley_1137 bride-ashley_1219 bride-ashley_1236 bride-ashley_5387 bride-ashley_5348 bride-ashley_4739 bride-ashley_4723 bride-ashley_4685 bride-ashley_4777 bride-ashley_4825 bride-ashley_0718 bride-ashley_0703 bride-ashley_0726 bride-ashley_0590 bride-ashley_0530 bride-ashley_0732 bride-ashley_0772 bride-ashley_5495 bride-ashley_1279 bride-ashley_1299 bride-ashley_5608