Admittedly, I was looking for another designer’s dress that was very similar to my Eddy K, but there was just something about it that I wasn’t loving and I was having difficulty finding it. Upon going to my dress shop this gorgeous, flowy dress caught my attention. My sister insisted I try it on and from there it was obvious that I had to buy this dress! We bought it about 20 minutes later and simply didn’t want to take it off. I’d liked other shapes and silhouettes, but boy did this dress make me feel like a bride and I had to have it. The stitching, beading and horsehair lace was exquisite. I’d never felt more beautiful and it truly was my dream dress. Fortunately, I fit the size the store had perfectly and I ordered it in ivory (though the champagne was such a close second!). With my Kate Spade heels and earrings, everything came together just like I always imagined. Marrying my husband in this dress was the best moment of my life.