From the Bride:

When I stepped into Bridal and Formal, I was feeling defeated, like I was never going to find a dress that lived up to my expectations. But, boy was I wrong. I explained to my consultant, Bobbi, what I was going for – something different, fun, modern, and classy yet still a little sexy. Bobbi knew exactly what I was going for and started to pull some dresses… My mom pointed at the Eddy K and told me that was it. I tried it on and instantly felt at ease… This was MY dress. It had everything I wanted. It was very classy yet still had the subtle sexiness that made me feel incredible. And the print on the bottom was just the icing on the cake, it gave it the “fun factor” that I was looking for. 

I felt all of these emotions all over again when I slipped my dress on for the wedding. I felt incredible. My husband and I did a first look and after the emotion of seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day sunk in, he told me that this was the “coolest” dress he had ever seen (trust me, that is a HUGE compliment from this guy)!!… And when an abandoned building caught on fire a couple blocks away, well… that made a pretty sweet backdrop for some wedding photos.

When the fire erupted, we wanted it to be documented because it was part of our day. We wanted to capture all the important moments of the day and this crazy thing happened in the midst of our wedding, so we wanted it to be documented just as all the other moments were. We climbed up a hill and got a few amazing shots. Honestly, the Eddy K dress made the photo that much better. The style was perfect for the picture. It looked amazing surrounded by flames and smoke. The whole style worked so effortlessly and created such stunning images. I’m so happy I picked this gown, it was absolutely perfect.