From the Bride:

I had already purchased a dress for my wedding that we had planned for 2016, but I ended up having second thoughts about it so I looked online for a new dress. After searching for a while, I had tried a couple of other gowns from other bridal salons, and that did not find one that I really liked. Finally, I came across this dress which I completely fell in love with just seeing it online. I searched and searched for this dress and found the bad news that there were no stores in the United States that carried it nor was it available since it was a whole year ahead of the designer’s collection (at the time). Not to mention, I was only four months away from my wedding!

So, to fast forward a little bit, I found a small bridal boutique outside of New York City that carried the designer (but not the specific style I had wanted), and they were so great to offer to call all the way to Italy to hopefully get me this dress. I got a phone call the next morning with the best news! They found the only dress available, in the style and color that I wanted.

Without a chance to try the dress or even see it person, I still went ahead and ordered it and it came about 2 months later. The bridal boutique was so helpful to alter my dress in such a short time as well! After many “No’s” and dead ends, I almost gave gave up on this dress, but it all worked out in the end!