“As cheesy as this sounds, the Adela was the very first wedding dress I tried on! I walked into Anne Gregory one snowy January morning about nine months before our wedding date (10/13/18), described some key details I knew I loved from Pinterest/magazines/etc and they brought out the Adela to see if I wanted to try it. Of course I did! I’ve never felt so beautiful. I remember looking back at my best friend who was crying instantly. When I asked why, she said she had never seen me so confident. We had gotten ready for high school dances together for all of our teens and routinely complained about how we looked or pulled and tugged at our dresses unsatisfied. That day at Anne Gregory we put those memories aside for a very empowering and beautiful moment. This moment followed me through to my wedding day. I have never felt so flawless and admired by everyone around me. I can’t say enough about this most perfect dress. Absolute magic. THANK YOU.” – Emma