From the Bride:

I had set the appt at Fleurish LA (which they had great reviews on The Knot) and we were on our way! We walked in to be greeted by the most friendly, group of girls I had seen yet! I met Sherri right away and her assistants, they seemed busy as there were other women trying on the dresses. The boutique was so cute, I loved how she had the dresses on display and I loved her and the other girls energy. They had a room all ready for me. I went into the velvet fitting room with my assistant, stripped down and put on my very first mermaid Eddy K Dress. It fit beautifully!!!!!! I got excited! I looked at the other options she had selected for me and I knew the dress I would be wearing for my wedding would be one of them. Believe it or not, the very first dress I tried on with Sherri was the dress I chose. The MD199 is a mermaid dress with gorgeous lace embroidery and detachable piece off the hips. I LOVED it. It was different! I wanted different and this was it! I tried on a couple of other ones that I loved dearly but this was the one, this was the look I was going for, classy, different, WOW.