Dress: MD149

Store: The Bride to Be

Photographer: Gem Photography

Hair Stylist: Katie Zaremba for Sizzorworks

Make Up Artist: Mallory Belote

Flower Arrangements: Cerutis

Ceremony: The Chapel 

Reception: Cerutis Banquet and Event Centre

A tip from the bride:

A few tips that I would share with other brides is that when they say enjoy the moment it will go so fast it’s absolutely true. It’s okay to be on top of the planning and making sure everything is lined up perfectly, but don’t forget to enjoy the moment! Also, it’s very important to get a good sleep the night before to wake up refreshed and on the wedding day make sure to hydrate yourself! When trying on your wedding dress purchase what makes your feel happy and like a bride not what others think you should wear!


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