• Dress Style: Fiona

  • Favourite Dress Feature: The open back and the detailing on the bottom of the train!

  • Ceremony Venue: Bellarmie Chapel at Xavier University

  • Reception Venue: The View at Mt. Adams

  • Photographer: Mary Aulick of Chocolate Paper Studios

  • Floral Design: Carly Messmer

  • Cake: Jeana’s Great Cakes

“My number one priority in choosing my dress was to find one with an interesting back. Most wedding dresses with interesting backs that I had seen online involved having a V back, so I went into dress shopping with this in mind. When I tried on the Eddy K Fiona dress and saw that it had more of a square back, I immediately knew it was something special. On top of that, I thought the detailing at the bottom of the train was absolutely gorgeous!” -Kelly