“Nicolette’s experience finding her wedding gown was simple. She had a style in mind and when she went to try on dresses in NY with her bridesmaids, they instantly recommended Eddy K. She had envisioned a lace dress with a low cut back. Elegant while still being trendy. She tried on the dress and knew it was the one. She didn’t purchase it that day. Her mom made her wait and sleep on it, to truly know she was sure it was the one. But she knew she was sure. So she let a month or two pass, still trying on other dresses but went back to her Eddy K dress every time. She finally had enough searching and just purchased the dress she knew she was going to wear from the very first day she went dress shopping. Eddy K’s designs are beautiful and timeless and she would recommend having anyone start their wedding gown search by trying one of their dresses on.”