From the Bride:

I had tried on probably 50 dresses in Nashville and Florida …I’m a nurse so I’m kind of OCD. After a few try-ons, I had an idea of what I loved: sheer tulle ball gown…very ante-bellum southern style (I’m from Alabama). I saw the Eddy K dress in the window of the bridal store that we didn’t have an appointment for. We were just walking by on our way to ANOTHER bridal store. I convinced the nice lady at One Fine Day to let us browse…I grabbed the one dress from the window and fell in love…so did my mom which WAS A MIRACLE that we both agreed on this dress. From there, I took out a few layers of crenilin and added sleeves from extra lace!

I received many compliments on my dress throughout the whole night. The dress was very romantic with lace floral appliques and tulle. The bodice also had the lace appliques, it was just stunning. The overall dress had a blush tint so it was different than other bridal dresses which are all ivory/white. This matched my personality because I have a rose gold engagement ring.