“Days after becoming engaged my mom and I began looking online at different designers. While looking through the designers at The Gown Gallery, she immediately came upon Eddy K. The fact my husband is Italian and Eddy K is an Italian designer, what more of a perfect fit! But what became even more perfect is she came across the perfect gown, CT174. That was the very first gown she sent me, and I instantly knew I needed to find it and try it on. Upon my first trip to The Gown Gallery, I told the ladies my style and what I was looking for. I even showed them this very picture of CT174 and it just so happened that they did in fact have it in store for me to try on! The moment I stepped into it, I instantly fell in love. No dress I had previously tried on even compared, nor did any dress I tried on after. Another fun fact about when I stepped into CT174 in the dressing room for the fist time, the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran came on the radio – that was the song selected for our first dance. Now I knew, that was THE PERFECT DRESS! What makes my dress shopping experience even better was when my dress came in; I ordered a size 2 in ivory. When I went in for my first fitting – it fit like a glove. There was no need for a single alteration!!! Everyone at The Gown Gallery raved over just how perfect the dress was. It was truly the dress of my dreams that felt like it was made just for me and my big day.” – Rachel