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An extravagant engagement and a secret wedding

Wow, there's been big celebrity wedding news this week! The biggest news, without doubt: Kim Kardashian is going to be a bride once again. What a proposal by Kanye! He went all out, renting a baseball stadium and hiring an 50-man orchestra.   And they sure weren't shy about sharing their news: Kim tweeted a picture of her 15 karat engagement ring. With an engagement this big, we are wondering how big the wedding will be. And of course, how her dress(es) will be like.   In other celebrity news: Kelly Clarkson said I do over the weekend. She was for sure more private than Kim and Kanye; it was a secret wedding and the world only found out on Monday, when she tweeted a picture of her wedding. She looked gorgeous in her long sleeve lace gown. She recently shared the cutest video of her wedding. So romantic! And what a perfect location!   Do you like Kelly's wedding look? Take a look at these Eddy K styles for a similar look: ADK Style 77959 Couture Style CT118  

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Keeping the Bride Stress Free

This article was written by our guest blogger Morgan Gray. She is the maid of honor at her sister's upcoming wedding and is giving very helpful advise on how to lower the stress lever of a bride-to be. By Morgan Gray Weddings are beautiful days, and no matter how much planning goes on, there is sure to be stress that comes with the event for the bride, the groom, the maid of honor, the best man - you name it. But if you’re the maid of honor, it’s your job to help keep the bride cool, calm, and collected. The main thing I learned from my first wedding party experience: be prepared. Here’s some advice to help keep the bride relaxed and as stress free as you can. Before the Wedding Day Make sure the bride gets to relax! After all, the bride has a lot that she’s going to be doing: invitations, figuring out the caterer, her dress, the venue - the list is endless. That’s where a maid of honor comes in, to help however she is needed. What I recommend is setting up a coffee or lunch date where the two of you will meet. Whether that is weekly, bi-weekly, or every month, it helps to have some scheduled time to chat and for the bride to talk with her best friend. Yes, that may turn into venting time, but that can also help the two of you figure out problem areas and what you can do to help.   I know that I ended up scheduling a lot of what the bridesmaids did, and a lot to do with when people were coming in and where they would stay. If the [...]

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