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Easy 100 wedding hairstyles for every hair length

  If you have a wedding in sight, you'll be going crazy thinking about easy wedding hairstyles for your hair length. If so, you’ve come to the right place; here’s what we’ll be showing in this article: wedding hairstyles for short hair (the best ones); wedding hairstyles for medium hair (pictures and videos); wedding hairstyles for long hair (trending ideas); pictures of wedding hairstyles half up half down Let’s start with wedding hairstyles for short hair: Short hair is also spectacular, romantic and bright. That's why today we offer you a photo gallery with the best hairstyles for 2017 brides with short hair. Don't miss it!     The Most Popular and Elegant wedding Hairstyles Tutorials Of 2017 https://www.youtube.com/embed/j4eWixIohss   Now let's see some wedding hairstyles for medium hair: Nowadays, many Brides with medium hair go with these hairstyles because they make you look good in every way. Check also our 65 Easy gorgeous wedding nails ideas for 2017   Wedding hairstyles for long hair: If you're one of those long haired princesses, you must know that you have an endless variation of options to create a breathtaking hairdo with your lovely long tresses, from complex braids to elegant knots, the only limit is your imagination.       Wedding hairstyles half up half down: Among every hairstyle we have shown you, the half up half down hairstyles are another amazing idea. Half up half down hair goes great with veils and hair accessories, it also works well with braided hairstyles and colorful flowers. So if you go with a half up half down tresses, check out this beautiful wedding hair gallery:   When choosing among wedding hairstyles for short, medium or long hair, [...]

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65 Easy gorgeous wedding nails ideas for 2017

  If you’ve ever wondered: “How do I find wedding nails designs my guests don’t know about?” “How do I know if a wedding manicure is too hard to do?” “Where do I find wedding nail ideas?”  “Should I still think more about bridal nails? Or flow with other wedding manicure types instead?” Then you are in the right place.  This post will show you EXACTLY +65 gorgeous wedding nail art ideas for that special day. Wedding nails are considered an art expression to many brides nowadays. This wedding nail art is not just a simple wedding manicure that adds beauty to women’s wedding dresses or another fashion trend. With gorgeous wedding nail art ideas women can wear out the best nail art at different bridal occasions such as wedding parties, wedding pictures, and even at the wedding ceremony.  Dive into this wedding nails art gallery before your big day:  

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Lovely Labrador Bella made a dog’s meal of a three-tier wedding cake

  We all know that "look of shame" dogs have when they've done something naughty. In spite of that, we cannot deny that they look adorable. This lovely Labrador named Bella was caught red-handed eating a three-tiered wedding cake the same morning the blessed couple were about to get married.      Liam and Donna McMahon, friends of the soon to be married couple and Bella's owners, were keeping the cake at their home. Imagine their surprise when they woke up and found Bella with that deep look of shame sitting next to the bitten wedding cake with crumbs round her chop.     When one of the bridesmaids went to pick it up, she shared in the mortification that Bella had eaten one side of the sumptuous chocolate dessert.     Fortunately, Bella suffered no ill effects after munching on the chocolate, and Liam, Donna and Gemma, Bella's owners plus the bridesmaid, were seriously grateful when DH9 Café baked them a new cake in three hours.     Scott and Jackie, the soon to be newlyweds, had no idea what had happened until afterwards when Donna asked if they like the cake. She proceeded to tell them the unfortunate, but funny story of how their original $160 wedding cake was totally blasted and Bella was sitting there looking at the ground knowing very well that she was in big trouble.   Check out the video interview with the "lucky" couple https://www.youtube.com/embed/IKv8xnmFf1Q Video Credit BBC News  

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Sunday Inspirations: Bridesmaids Gifts

  When the big day approaches, don’t forget to pay special attention to the people that had helped you throughout all the preparation and pre-celebration. Your bridesmaids deserve a little thank-you-present.     You hear some horrible stories about bridesmaids that make everything more complicated, start fights over nothing and you just end up regretting having asked them to be part of your day. However, the truth is that most of them will help you through all the wedding emergencies you might encounter or even picking out your wedding dress!     Try to go for something that they’ll actually use. You don’t want to spend on something that will end up in the junk drawer. The robe is a classic for when everyone is getting dressed together and you’ll have wonderful pictures of your bridesmaids helping you get into the dress with the same robe, you can even personalize them by having their in the back.     Other gifts can be for them to have at home, like scented candles, personalized necklaces or mugs. A more interesting idea is taking all your girls on a journey, whether it’s a spa treatment, a beach getaway or a ski trip. Or food, you can never go wrong with food. Get them a case of something special, like macaroons or even cocktail gift.      

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Style of the Week: Eddy K Dreams Bella

Another sneak peek of the new Eddy K. Dreams Collection 2017, Bella is the vintage elegance and modern chic combination every bride is looking for. With a stunning back and a gorgeous neckline that make very subtle lace sleeves, Bella is great for a Spring wedding. Eddy K Dreams Bella   Eddy K Dreams Bella   Eddy K Dreams Bella

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Sunday Inspirations: Spring Wedding

Let’s take advantage of what nature gives us; spring is the perfect season for an outdoor wedding, not too hot and not too cold. Everything is bright green and there are tons of beautiful flowers in season. This year, the trend is a mixture of pastels and bright colors, which make a great blend to have wonderful decoration. Pick your favorite, no doubt you’ll have a very graceful yet boho/chic wedding. The best part is, you can even put the spring theme into your drinks! Try the lavender margaritas, apple blossom and rhubarb mojito among many other drinks. Follow the Eddy K board on Pinterest to find out more spring wedding ideas.

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Style of the Week: Eddy K Dreams Maui (Español)

The new Maui dress is a stunning statement dress for your wedding day! The gorgeous modern lines contrast with the romantic lace on the illusion neckline and arms. This very sleek dress will dazzle everyone with its beauty.   Eddy K Dreams Maui   Eddy K Dreams Maui   Eddy K Dreams Maui  

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Sunday Inspiration: Wedding Garter

  Ever wondered how the tradition of the garter toss started? Well, back in 14th century England, bridal gowns were torn to pieces by the guests because it was believed that having a piece of the gown would bring good luck. Naturally, no one wants to see their wedding dress destroyed, so brides started wearing separate garters to give to guests.   Things have changed now (thank God!), but all the bachelors still want a piece. To remain as modest as possible and not give the guest another show, place the garter just above the knee so the groom doesn’t have to reach up the dress to get it.       Find a sexy song for this moment. After all, you’ll probably be sitting in the middle of the room with all eyes on you, this gives it a funny feel.     Want it vintage, themed, funny, with a message, or even DYI? Follow us on Pinterest for more ideas on the garter and on the song for the moment.          

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Style of the Week: Eddy K Dreams Dominica

When Eddy K. designed Dominica he did it because every bride’s wedding day is their time to shine. The stunning heavy beaded bustier of this fabulously elegant gown highlights the woman’s beautiful body, while the ruffled horsehair and tulle skirt adds a floating effect. This is the perfect dress for the truly chic bride!   Eddy K Dreams Dominica   Eddy K Dreams Dominica

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