How to find or Become a wedding officiant in 3 MINUTES

When it comes to a wedding officiant, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about "marriage officiant" and "ordained minister" for one lifetime. If you’re looking for a wedding officiant and some practical tips that you can use at your wedding ceremony then you’ll love this article. The best part? It’s a simple post that has everything you need to know about a wedding officiant, including it's definition, duties, cost, and even how to become a wedding officiant. Let’s dive right in… What is a wedding officiant? The simpler wedding officiant definition is: Someone who can officiate a wedding in a personal, emotional, intimate and personalized way for each loving couple. A wedding officiant, also called a marriage officiant, could be a justice of the peace or a civilian officer who performs acts of marriage or civil union. Responsibilities vary from witnessing the consent of the intended couple for the wedding ceremony to officiating the marriage or civil union. Wedding officiant's duties and responsibilities, as well as who can become an officiant, vary due to different countries and states' jurisdictions. How to find the right wedding officiant? Your wedding ceremony type will mostly determine what kind of wedding officiant you need to be looking for. It should be somebody you and your partner really feel comfortable with, considering this person will play an important role in your ceremony. These are the four types of wedding officiants you can choose from, and bear in mind that this important person will guide you through this beautiful moment. Religious wedding officiant: A religious wedding officiant is the right choice for your wedding ceremony when you both belong to a similar church group or any other religious organization. In a religious wedding ceremony, [...]

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Easy 100 wedding hairstyles for every hair length

  If you have a wedding in sight, you'll be going crazy thinking about easy wedding hairstyles for your hair length. If so, you’ve come to the right place; here’s what we’ll be showing in this article: wedding hairstyles for short hair (the best ones); wedding hairstyles for medium hair (pictures and videos); wedding hairstyles for long hair (trending ideas); pictures of wedding hairstyles half up half down Let’s start with wedding hairstyles for short hair: Short hair is also spectacular, romantic and bright. That's why today we offer you a photo gallery with the best hairstyles for 2017 brides with short hair. Don't miss it!     The Most Popular and Elegant wedding Hairstyles Tutorials Of 2017   Now let's see some wedding hairstyles for medium hair: Nowadays, many Brides with medium hair go with these hairstyles because they make you look good in every way. Check also our 65 Easy gorgeous wedding nails ideas for 2017   Wedding hairstyles for long hair: If you're one of those long haired princesses, you must know that you have an endless variation of options to create a breathtaking hairdo with your lovely long tresses, from complex braids to elegant knots, the only limit is your imagination.       Wedding hairstyles half up half down: Among every hairstyle we have shown you, the half up half down hairstyles are another amazing idea. Half up half down hair goes great with veils and hair accessories, it also works well with braided hairstyles and colorful flowers. So if you go with a half up half down tresses, check out this beautiful wedding hair gallery:   When choosing among wedding hairstyles for short, medium or long hair, [...]

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65 Easy gorgeous wedding nails ideas for 2017

  If you’ve ever wondered: “How do I find wedding nails designs my guests don’t know about?” “How do I know if a wedding manicure is too hard to do?” “Where do I find wedding nail ideas?”  “Should I still think more about bridal nails? Or flow with other wedding manicure types instead?” Then you are in the right place.  This post will show you EXACTLY +65 gorgeous wedding nail art ideas for that special day. Wedding nails are considered an art expression to many brides nowadays. This wedding nail art is not just a simple wedding manicure that adds beauty to women’s wedding dresses or another fashion trend. With gorgeous wedding nail art ideas women can wear out the best nail art at different bridal occasions such as wedding parties, wedding pictures, and even at the wedding ceremony.  Dive into this wedding nails art gallery before your big day:  

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Lovely Labrador Bella made a dog’s meal of a three-tier wedding cake

  We all know that "look of shame" dogs have when they've done something naughty. In spite of that, we cannot deny that they look adorable. This lovely Labrador named Bella was caught red-handed eating a three-tiered wedding cake the same morning the blessed couple were about to get married.      Liam and Donna McMahon, friends of the soon to be married couple and Bella's owners, were keeping the cake at their home. Imagine their surprise when they woke up and found Bella with that deep look of shame sitting next to the bitten wedding cake with crumbs round her chop.     When one of the bridesmaids went to pick it up, she shared in the mortification that Bella had eaten one side of the sumptuous chocolate dessert.     Fortunately, Bella suffered no ill effects after munching on the chocolate, and Liam, Donna and Gemma, Bella's owners plus the bridesmaid, were seriously grateful when DH9 Café baked them a new cake in three hours.     Scott and Jackie, the soon to be newlyweds, had no idea what had happened until afterwards when Donna asked if they like the cake. She proceeded to tell them the unfortunate, but funny story of how their original $160 wedding cake was totally blasted and Bella was sitting there looking at the ground knowing very well that she was in big trouble.   Check out the video interview with the "lucky" couple Video Credit BBC News  

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Today 30 Dip Dye Wedding Dresses Trend for a colorful 2018

Today 30 Dip Dye Wedding Dresses Trend for a colorful 2018   This guide has everything you need to know about Dip Dye Wedding Dress trend. So whether you want to learn how to dye your wedding dress or look at some mind blowing dye wedding dresses pictures you’re in the right place. Keep reading… #1 James Tang Photography #2 Rock & Roll Bride #3 Emm And Clau DIY Dye Wedding Dress Tutorial #4 Lucy Can't Dance #5 Monica Dart #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 French Kiss The Bride #11 #12 #13 Style Me Pretty #14 #15 Want That Wedding #16 #17 #18 Amber Gress #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 #28 #29 #30    

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20 Hot wedding dresses trending in 2018 you don’t want to miss out

  20 Hot wedding dresses trending in 2018 you don’t want to miss out on   You are getting ready for your big day, so naturally, you want to choose the right wedding dress style. But among so many options, how do you choose the perfect dress for you? Well… We know that it’s true that NOT all wedding dresses are the same, they differ in style and fabric, some have a wide array of sleeves, others are sleeveless, as well as a large assortment of necklines. In today’s post we’ll show you our new Wedding Dress Styles for 2018, which we have showcased to impress every single retailer at National Bridal Market Chicago and many other Wedding Dresses Trunk Shows this year. Let’s get started: There are many styles of dresses, cuts, fabrics and textures, so the search is often stressful. Finding the perfect wedding dress is not only about it’s style or cut, it’s about creating a balance between the look and personality of the bride in order to highlight and sculpture her body and enhance her figure. EddyK has an infinite display of styles of wedding dresses, and each one tends to give you an ideal prototype to make you feel unique on one of the most important day’s of your life. Here are our top wedding dress styles for 2018.   Ball Gown   This type of wedding dress is also known as a fairy tale dress, or Cinderella type. They usually are made up by fitted bodices and a skirt with petticoats that trail down from the hips, which makes any woman look quite glamorous. Although it is a dress that fits several body types like hourglass, apple [...]

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