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How to make wedding backdrops [+50 wedding backdrop ideas]

Today you’re going to be inspired by our +50 wedding backdrop ideas we’ve prepared for you.   The best part? All of these pictures are based on real weddings.   Wedding backdrops are very important when it comes to wedding decoration.   And in this post we’re going to share what we’ve discovered. We’ll also show you how to make wedding backdrops with no budget.   Let’s do it.   ​ The wedding backdrops you choose as decoration for your wedding day may not be the number one priority of things to do, however today we want to tell you the reasons why it should be.   Saying "yes, I want this" with a scenario designed in a creative way will be the most important seal of any wedding ceremony.   There are many great ideas when making wedding backdrops. Some ideas are simpler than others, you can find countless materials and have a wide range of wedding backdrop ideas to choose from, starting with diy wedding backdrops, rustic wedding backdrops, wedding photo backdrops to personalized wedding backdrops.   English wall, luminous signs, picture frames, flowers, many flowers, even origamis are just some of the options.   So to help you find your perfect wedding backdrop for your wedding ceremony, we have selected several styles that have caught our attention, some are flashy, others super romantic, others very simple and unique.   Enjoy!         

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How to write a wedding toast speech [+15 wedding toast quotes]

Do you want to know how to write a wedding toast speech?   Are you looking for some wedding toast quotes ideas?   Then you are in the right place.   Because right now we’re going to show you how to write a wedding toast, plus our hand picked selection of 15 amazing wedding quotes to inspire your own. Let’s dive in.   The long awaited day of your wedding is approaching and, in addition to the organization of the party, the wedding dress, and the guests, there are some small details to keep in mind so that everything goes perfectly.   One of them is the wedding toast, because if you want it to be unforgettable, it is your responsibility to say a phrase that is perfect for that moment.   A wedding toast speech is usually proposed by the newlyweds, where the Groom, parents of the newlyweds, godmothers, godparents, family members, and best friends participate.   So if you belong to this part of the fabulous event, you should feel lucky, as you not only need a suit or formal dress, but you will need a memorable "wedding toast speech". Since the time of pre-Christian Egypt, wedding toast speeches were celebrated and associated with gifts to the gods, which is why this tradition has been around for a very long time and is important in this type of celebration.     How to make a wedding toast speech   Prepare your speech in advance, so that when the moment arrives you don’t stay blank and forget what to say. The key is to organize your thoughts and feelings towards the couple and translate them into paper; you can search for ideas on the [...]

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A complete wedding checklist [+20 wedding to-do list]

Let’s be honest:   Your wedding day is a reality now, you don’t have “enough time” to prepare it and desperately need a wedding to-do list, right? We bet you do.   Whether you plan a big celebration or a small event with your closest friends and family, a wedding always requires a lot of preparation and work. And to make this planning a bit easier and avoid you getting lost in the next appointments, plans, decisions and errands, we bring you our  +20 "wedding to-do list”   Here we go:   Determine the date of the wedding, before agreeing with the most important guests to the same. Verify information in the registry office about the required documents. Places to visit and churches: Many places are booked months in advance, so it's worth reserving the perfect place for your wedding in advance. You must establish a wedding budget and calculate the approximate expenses. Search and book wedding service providers, such as a wedding planner, theologian, band, etc. Book where you want to spend your honeymoon in advance, scheduling the dates so that everything is in place. Guest list: You should have an overview of how many guests you are inviting, and send them an RSVP note so you can accurately calculate how many people you’re expecting to show up, this is necessary for the final choice for the wedding location. Select sponsors and bridesmaids: They can also help you organize the reception, help with decorations, logistics, etc. If you can delegate several tasks, planning the party can be more relaxed. If you think it is necessary, appoint a master of ceremonies. If the place does not have its own restaurant, you can try to locate [...]

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50+ World’s BEST Wedding Pictures 2018 (Voted by the Wedding Community)

Looking for some wedding picture ideas that will inspire you faster and smarter? Then look no further. In this post, we’ll show you 35+ the best wedding pictures ever. From creative wedding pictures to funny wedding pictures, enjoy this mind blowing wedding pictures gallery. Let’s get started! There are certain moments in life that definitely need to be captured by the lens of a camera, so that they are not forgotten over the years. One of them is your wedding day, since it is not only to see you wearing your wedding dress, they are also part of the bridesmaids, the parents of the bride, the groom, the friends of the couple, etc. Enjoy this wedding photo gallery we have prepared for you.

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ALL traditional wedding anniversary names 1-100 (The Complete List)

When you share your life with your true love, you will never get enough wedding anniversary names in your marriage. That’s the nature of love. We always strive for more. And that’s really amazing. Because love is the primary factor pushing for progress and development in many fields of our lives. And let me ask you one simple question: Why do you need many wedding anniversary names? Obviously, because you want to add more value to the time spent with the love of your life. From the quick 5th to the 60th wedding anniversary, we have detailed the names and origin of wedding anniversary names. Let’s jump right in. Image Credit   In addition to the birthday, there is another very important personal anniversary and that is marriage, which marks the beginning of a new stage in life, the beginning of a new project in common with another person you love. Whether the love is formalized with a civil marriage or a religious marriage, all around the world that date is important every year for the spouses. It is the seal of time, an inexhaustible source of nostalgia. The anniversary of marriage is the vital call of union with the beloved and of the commitments assumed with each other over the years.   Image Credit   The custom of celebrating marriage anniversaries dates back to the Middle Ages, a period in which they began to celebrate only the 25th and 50th year of marriage. It was not recommended to give pearls to the bride as they represent screams in marriage. Having pearls on the day of the wedding was considered a sign of bad luck because pearls resembled tears. It meant [...]

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10 trending mikado wedding dresses 2018

Brides that succeed in finding mikado wedding dresses in 2018 do two things very well: First, they identify a wedding dress that make them look like they want. Second, they put 100% of their resources into finding the right fabric for that particular wedding dress in order to feel comfortable. But you’re probably wondering: “How do I find a mikado wedding dress that actually makes me feel good?” Well, today we’re going to make it easy for you. All you need to do is carve out a few minutes of your day and tackle one of the +10 beautiful mikado wedding dresses 2018 shown below. Eddy K SKY Collection Style SKY120 For years, the mikado has been a great passion for women around the world when it comes to wedding dresses, there are models that have won a stable place, season after season in the collections of brands specialized in the bridal industry and that today they are the star option. EK1174 Mikado wedding dresses can be made in different styles, from mermaid wedding dresses to a-line wedding dresses. When we think of a wedding dress, the first thing that comes to mind is the style, shape or design, and the fabrics are left in the background. Actually, there are many occasions where fabric is the one that manages to highlight the wedding dress, since not all are suitable to make all kinds of patterns. https://www.youtube.com/embed/7KdgNVdfCIU Mikado is a fabric with oriental origins that is obtained from silk. The smooth finish that characterizes it and its slightly grainy texture is due to its solid consistency. It is ideal for simple and modern wedding dresses, since it enhances the lines of [...]

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