“Where memories are made and dreams become a reality”

Michèle Gray is the  owner of this exquisite bridal boutique, located in Guelph, Ontario. Michèle has a long time experience in the bridal industry, working first as a model and then as a consultant, before she recently took over this store. “I bring that experience and my own sense of style and passion for the industry to serve all of our customers”, she states on her website. “At Crème Couture we believe the journey of planning your wedding should be as memorable as the day itself.

Michele Gray, owner of Creme Couture

Michèle Gray, owner of Crème Couture

The store, decorated for the holidays

The store, decorated for the holidays


See what she has to say about her boutique and valuable advise she gives to brides that are shopping for  a dress:

Describe your store in three words
Intimate, Elegant, attention to detail

On Average, how many months (or even years?) before her wedding does a future bride start shopping for her dress?
Typically a bride will start shopping for a wedding gown about a year before her wedding. It is always important to start early so there is plenty of time to order the gown and get the needed alterations before her big day.

Does she usually know exactly what she wants or does she come in with no idea in her mind?
Most of the time our brides have an idea of what they think they what. But it is our challenge to style them in what will make them look gorgeous on their wedding day. Dressing a brides character is what we strive to do ensuring she wears the gown not, the gown wears her. We are known for styling our ladies. 90 percent of the time brides leave with a completely different style of gown than they originally had. They leave feeling thrilled and excited to wear the gown again. This is how it should be … It is after all a very very special gown, and perhaps our only chance as woman to buy and wear such an exciting gown. It is a gown we have dreamed of since a child, It is our commitment to our brides to offer the very best selection and advise when helping her dress her for her wedding day.

How many hours do you spend in average with one single bride (since the moment she walks in the store until the day she picks up her dress)?
As long as it takes! We do not rush our customers. The initial appointment with the bride typically lasts about 1 ½ hours. In that time we would be able probably narrow the search down to 3 gowns. Any longer is not really constructive. As enjoyable as it is trying of gowns it is emotionally and mentally exhausting for the bride. Second visits are welcome and booked. These don’t necessarily have to be as long but if she needs the time we certainly give it. Then when the gown comes in the bride comes back generally with close family and friends to see HER new gown we accessorize her and there is often lots of happy chatter. Closer to the wedding date we have the bride back in for alterations. Depending on what we have to do to the gown we generally see her back perhaps 3 to 4 more times. Then the week of the wedding the gown is brought back to us for final preparation. We steam and make the gown beautiful and ready to wear. We love to give our brides a last hug as we lay the gown into their vehicle and we wave them away with promises of a photo..

What is the most important advice you would give to a future bride when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress?
Keep your appointments as personal as possible. Limit the people you bring with you to a couple family members and a close friend. Brides can become confused quickly with so many different opinions in one room. We would also say to keep an open mind when coming into a bridal appointment. As mentioned before, brides can walk out with a completely different dress then what they imagined for themselves, and that is okay! AND choose the gown that you LOVE not one that fits a venue.  Ball gowns on beaches are stunning too.

Do you stay in touch with the bride after her wedding? How?
YES! We love to see pictures of the bride all done up on her big day! We encourage them to bring in pictures for us of the wedding day so we can add it to our photo album. They often pop in to say hello and we love hearing how they are doing. They often send us a quick message or post pictures on our Facebook page! Often, which is really exciting we see them back in the salon bringing with them the next bride, their best friend. Or we catch up with them when they come in as a bridesmaid.

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Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle: Eddy K gowns inside a beautifully decorated store

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle: Eddy K gowns inside a beautifully decorated store

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