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The long sleeve wedding dresses 2018 are beautiful, elegant, and charming.

You’ve probably looked at most of them.

But did you know that we have the most beautiful long sleeve wedding dresses for 2018?

For each long sleeve wedding dress you will see in this post, you should ask yourself why you don’t try one and where you can find these long sleeve beautiful wedding dresses.

That is why we decided to offer you the new Eddy K long sleeved wedding dresses 2018 collection and let yourself be surprised by its charm!


The world of bridal fashion is always ready for each woman to find her dream dress. Long sleeve wedding dresses were the only option for brides during the period between 1900 and 1910. The clothes of this era had to cover the women completely, without highlighting their forms.

Isandra style from the Dreams Collection

Over time, this style of wedding dress has achieved a great change and has developed its own character, while still highlighting feminine forms and making them even more interesting.

Long sleeve wedding dresses 2018 are a sophisticated trend that draws extraordinary lines and combinations with bridal hairstyles and elegant accessories.


On the other hand, this style combines perfectly with all types of fabrics and models of dresses such as:

Long sleeve wedding dress with lace is the trend we see in many dresses for this season, because it adds a combination of see through and lace, in addition to creating an image of certain nudity and then show us that it is really covered.

Eddy K – SEK1197

Long sleeve v-neck wedding dresses are a trend that bring with this style a V-neckline that plunges down from shoulder to shoulder and is considered a sensual and flattering neckline.


Milano style MD237 by Eddy K

Milano style MD237

Long-sleeved wedding dresses always give brides a look of good style and elegance; and of course, depending on the material you choose, you can still feel fresh while wearing long sleeves.

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Eddy K EK1174


Eddy K EK1072

Renata Style from the Dreams Collection


Eddy K EK78008

Bali back

Bali style from the Dreams Collection

Couture Style CT180 by Eddy K

Couture Style CT196 by Eddy K

Couture Style CT196 by Eddy K

Eddy K – SEK1183

Eddy K – SKY134