Milano style MD235 by Eddy K


This is the best guide for mermaid wedding dresses in 2018.

And let me be clear about something:

This is NOT a lame “mermaid wedding dresses 2018” predictions post.

Instead, you’re going to see trunk shows of real mermaid wedding dresses that have been modeled at major runways around the world, such as Milan and Paris, that are shining right now … and will do even better in 2018.

Do you want to know which are the most beautiful mermaid wedding dresses to show off at your wedding?

Let’s dive right in.



The mermaid wedding dress styles in 2018, in case you did not know, are among the most wanted wedding dresses nowadays.

Unlike the classic wedding dresses, the mermaid wedding dress is quite narrow and caresses the body lines that open at the bottom, always highlighting the femininity and sensuality of the bride without being vulgar.

Mermaid wedding dresses in 2018 are ideal for brides looking for sophistication and a bit of sensuality, as it is well adapted to your curves for a perfect cut. So try several times to make sure it is the one you like the best and is the most comfortable.



If you are certain you want to shine at your wedding with a mermaid wedding dress, we recommend you to check out Eddy K’s magnificent designs. Eddy K is an Italian wedding dress designer located in Montreal that makes modern bridal gowns; always taking into account the look of elegance and sensuousness that your special day requires.

Necklines used by this designer in this model are the most diverse and have decreed the new trends for mermaid wedding dresses in 2018.

Milano style MD235 by Eddy K

Milano MD235

Milano style MD235 by Eddy K

Milano MD235

As you can see in the gallery below, Mermaid wedding dresses are always among the most popular models of future brides.

We have selected images of the most beautiful mermaid wedding dresses for 2018, with which you will cause a sensation on your wedding day.

Couture Style CT187 by Eddy K

Couture CT187

Eddy K 1189

Eddy K 1191



Milano style MD245 by Eddy K

Milano MD245



In short, there are many brides who find a magical element in the siren cut that makes a bridal look unique. Without a doubt, it is a silhouette that is characterized by its hyper-femininity and sophistication, enhancing the figure of the woman who wears it, seducing those present at every step and resulting hypnotic to the naked eye.

The same silhouette, but infinite possibilities. Bohemian, romantic, minimalist… because there is not one woman like another, Eddy K has a mermaid dress for each of them.

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