Thomas first laid his eyes on Kortni during his junior year at The University of Arizona. Thomas was at a friend’s house when Kortni walked in with her girlfriend, who was dating Thomas’ friend at the time! They shared a quick hello and goodbye before Thomas went home for the night. Not really being able to connect that night they both went on with their lives not thinking much of it.
Shortly after, Thomas and Kortni ran into each other at the very same place they met! Thomas remembered Kortni and they immediately hit it off. Kortni remembers Thomas making her laugh the entire night. She said she hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time and couldn’t wait to see him next. Thomas and Kortni began hanging out and became best friends.
After a year of going to dinners, endless laughs and unforgettable adventures; Kortni and Thomas started dating. Six years later and one move later they were ready to tie the knot. Thomas surprised Kortni with a vacation to Key West for her 23rd birthday and he knew this was the right moment. After a sunset cruise full of live music and sweet champagne they went to dinner and Thomas got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Kortni was elated because she always knew Thomas was special to her and her love continued growing for him everyday.
Thomas had known from the beginning that Kortni, not only complimented him in so many ways he had always been searching for, but that she was utterly and completely the one for him. Thomas first connected with her humorous side and then charmed and loved his way into her heart. It was a match made in heaven. Kortni and Thomas are planning their gorgeous black tie wedding this November in Scottsdale Arizona. Kortni is originally from Scottsdale and always dreamt of getting married in the mountains surrounded by picturesque saguaros and lush greenery.