After the big day is over, you don’t want to go home and think “I should’ve…” So here is a list of wedding photos you don’t want to miss having in your album. From before, during and after the wedding, make sure you and your photographer have a check list of all the shots you want.

Couple holding hands


Before Pictures

Make sure you capture every intimate detail of the preparation, this is your last moment of creating memories with you closest friends and family members before going out to the whirlwind. Ask your bridesmaids to get dressed in the same place you’ll be getting ready so you can have some fun shots of the pre-ceremony phase. Don’t neglect your mom, she’s probably even more excited than you are, share some laughs and have her help you get into the dress, those pictures are always sentimental. Tell your photographer to be ready to capture the moment you reveal yourself to the rest of your wedding party, get those proud phases on camera.

The same goes for the groom’s side, the other photographer has to make sure to get those moments of him hanging with his pals while they get ready, his mom helping get his tie straight, and so on.




During Pictures

During the ceremony, everything tends to be pretty standard, but you still want every moment captured. The most important are, entering the ceremony, for both your groom and you, saying your vows, if you have anyone special dedicating a few words, and finally, the big exit.




After Pictures

These are the ones that take the longest. First, you have to take your time getting the right pictures before going to the reception because once you go in, guests won’t let you get away that easily. This is the moment for the most romantic pictures, whether it’s starring at each other, making each other laugh, rolling down a hill, finding shelter from the rain, this is the moment for romance. Afterwards, get your wedding party in the frame, share funny moments with those closest to you and your husband and don’t forget the family! Every family there’s always that annoying aunt who is constantly nagging everyone to take hundreds of family pictures and she might get on your nerves at the moment, but when you see the results, you’ll be eternally grateful. From then on, the photographer has tu try and get every single special moment, from the first dance to everyone enjoying themselves with the bride and groom.