From classic to unconventional, there are so many wedding band styles to choose from. Now the question is, which one matches you and your fiancé’s personality?

There are many materials to choose from, do your research on each one of them so you can check not only the price but the durability. If you know you won’t be going to the jewelers regularly for fixing, go for a more scratch-proof material, otherwise you’ll have to go get the rings fixed every once in a while. You can go for matching rings, choosing a neutral style so your future husband doesn’t end up with a girly ring.

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You can also find something to match your engagement ring, look for something that compliments it, not overshadowing. Some even are made to fit inside the wedding band for a very elegant style.


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For a more unconventional couple, there are very original ideas that include all sorts of materials, from wooden rings to carbon fiber ones. Try to find a material that will last so you don’t have to get a whole new ring after a few years.

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For more wedding band ideas, follow the Eddy K. board on Pinterest!

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