Our Eddy K. Bride, fashion and personal style blogger Lynne Gabriel, shared everything about her wedding dress shopping experience at Weddings by Debbie with us! Here are some of the tips she shared in her 2 blog posts.

Part 1:

One of the most exciting things for me after being engaged is planning our wedding. There’s a lot of things involved in it and it can be stressful at times but it’s still fun. It’s definitely a journey and part of my journey to becoming a “Mrs” is finding “the dress”.

For a lot of brides, including myself, this is a big task. It’s a mission and it’s quite challenging to find the dress that you love within your budget. Let’s get real brides and future brides…budget is the second thing you must set after setting the wedding date.

I chose to document and share with you guys this journey because my blog is sort of my online diary and you guys, my readers, are a huge part of it, so hopefully you enjoy all my engagement and wedding-related posts.

There are three things I zeroed in when finding the dress:

1. Budget

My fiancé and I are committed to making our marriage work and have talked about divorce being not an option. That being said, for me, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I will only be a bride once so I would like to feel and look my very best at the day of my wedding and that means, wearing the dress that I am totally in love with.

Budget is different for everyone so once you’ve talked it over with your fiancé, start looking for the dress.

2. Designer

Most brides are not familiar with the bridal designers. Just like myself. After all, there’s quite plenty of them. But once I’ve discovered Eddy K, I was sold. Eddy K. bridal dresses are elegant and exquisite. The fine elaborate details on their dresses are beautiful. Brides and future brides, once you’ve tried on an Eddy K. dress, you will never go to another bridal designer. They have different silhouettes and styles for every taste. Most bridal shops should carry them. However, you can check this part of their website to look for trunk shows in your area.

3. Silhouette

There are different bridal dress silhouettes as shown below….

I was pretty much set on the silhouette  that I liked. I had my eye on a mermaid or trumpet style. However, on my recent visit at Weddings by Debbie, I tried on 3 ballgown dresses and totally fell in love with one of them that I almost got that one. By the way, Weddings by Debbie is one of the largest bridal stores in the nation and is apparently housed here in Houston! So proud!

I only tried Eddy K dresses on my visit and tried on a total of 7 I believe. The one I said yes to obviously is not shown on this post. But don’t worry! You will see my bridal session and wedding photos after January for sure!

Part 2

This second part of my wedding dress shopping was all about ball gowns! If you’re following me on Instagram, you already know what my actual wedding dress looked like. However, I still wanted to share with you this second part of my wedding dress shopping.

Honestly, I am a princess type of bride! I love fairy tales but I’ve never really seen myself wearing a ballgown at my wedding. That doesn’t mean to say though that I didn’t enjoy trying them on. And quite frankly, I honestly went with a ballgown! Then I tried on the Eddy K. Dress that I tried on the very first time and no matter how many dresses I tried on, I still came back to that one.

But let me share with you the fun ball dresses I tried on anyways! Everything from Eddy K. of course!

The first time I went to a bridal shop to try on dresses, I might have tried about a total of 5 designer dresses and Eddy K. was the second to the last one I tried on. Once I tried an Eddy K., I never wanted to try any other designer anymore.

So I went to a local bridal boutique here in Houston called Weddings by Debbie. When I walked in that store, I was amazed! The store was huge and they have such a wide inventory of designer bridal dresses and one of the designers they carry was Eddy K.

I absolutely had a TON of fun trying on dresses and fortunately, I never had to go to another store anymore. The staff at Weddings by Debbie was very helpful and one of their consultants, Alexis, was my favorite. I must have tried on about 8 or so dresses and they were just very patient with me.

So anyways, I tried on these ball gown dresses and like I previously said. Although they were all beautiful, my favorite in particular was the one below and I was told that it’s one of the best Eddy K. sellers. It kinda has a fluffy tulip bottom and beaded sweetheart top. It’s such a darling dress, I almost fell for it!

The only reason why I didn’t totally go for it was of the blush bottom. Although that was one of the colors of our wedding. My husband is very traditional and he probably wouldn’t have approved of it if I were to ask him.

It was so much fun trying on dresses! Bridal dress shopping was definitely one of the most fun part of planning our wedding. The staff at Weddings by Debbie made the process all easy for me.

If you’re a bride-to-be and you’re in Houston, be sure to visit them www.weddingsbydebbie.com and of course, I highly recommend Eddy K. bridal dresses!

You can check the original posts of Part 1 and Part 2.