20 Hot wedding dresses trending in 2018 you don’t want to miss out on


You are getting ready for your big day, so naturally, you want to choose the right wedding dress style. But among so many options, how do you choose the perfect dress for you?


We know that it’s true that NOT all wedding dresses are the same, they differ in style and fabric, some have a wide array of sleeves, others are sleeveless, as well as a large assortment of necklines.

In today’s post we’ll show you our new Wedding Dress Styles for 2018, which we have showcased to impress every single retailer at National Bridal Market Chicago and many other Wedding Dresses Trunk Shows this year.

Let’s get started:

There are many styles of dresses, cuts, fabrics and textures, so the search is often stressful. Finding the perfect wedding dress is not only about it’s style or cut, it’s about creating a balance between the look and personality of the bride in order to highlight and sculpture her body and enhance her figure. EddyK has an infinite display of styles of wedding dresses, and each one tends to give you an ideal prototype to make you feel unique on one of the most important day’s of your life.

Here are our top wedding dress styles for 2018.


Ball Gown


This type of wedding dress is also known as a fairy tale dress, or Cinderella type. They usually are made up by fitted bodices and a skirt with petticoats that trail down from the hips, which makes any woman look quite glamorous. Although it is a dress that fits several body types like hourglass, apple type, inverted triangle, and rectangle, we definitely recommend it for women with a pear shaped body type. It isn’t recommended for small women because they can look overwhelmed by this kind of dress, and since the cut flows from the hips it can actually make a petite woman look shorter.


Eddy K Dreams Style Giulia


Mermaid wedding dresses have grown in popularity over the last years since they are a great choice to accentuate a curvaceous figure. These dresses are tight on the trunk, and spread out at the knee or below, giving the illusion of a magical “mermaid tail”. The Mermaid type wedding dress always provides a beautiful silhouette for anyone who wants to wear it, the cut marks the waist and hips and is fitted to the body at the height of the knees. This dress is able to make many women look extremely fashionable. Our recommendation is that mermaid-type wedding dresses should be worn by women with hourglass shape or rectangular bodies. It is generally avoided by small women, as it makes them appear shorter. To slightly soften the look, more fluid fabrics can give a less formal look to the dress.

Eddy K Dreams Style Mirella


Fit n Flare

Many people think that the Fit n Flare dress looks exactly like the Mermaid; however, the difference between these two similar gowns resides in that the Fit n Flare, while also fitted and curve-hugging, begins to softly flare out at mid-thigh, somewhat like a trumpet; that is why it is also known as a Trumpet Gown. This small difference is quite noticeable if you enjoy dancing, because by opening at this height it allows more mobility. Another difference is that the skirt comes out in a more gradual fashion, and not as dramatically as the aptly named “mermaid tail”.


Eddy K Dreams Style Eva


The A-line dress is a classic and elegant gown that fits close at the bodice and the skirt flares out from the waist. This traditional dress is very flattering on women with rectangular, pear-shape, and apple-shaped figures. Nothing like a timeless gown to look absolutely memorable on a day you will never forget.



The sheath wedding gown is a close-fitting and covering dress. It is designed so that the seam goes down from the shoulders to the hips so as to flatter the bride’s figure. Sheath gowns look fantastic on women with hourglass type bodies by accentuating their curves.


Eddy K Dreams Style Lola

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After considering which is the best silhouette for you, let’s talk about the various options of necklines.


The Sweetheart neckline features two curves over the bustline, creating a shape like the top of a stylized heart. This type of neckline is very attractive since it both covers and displays in a manner that is flattering for women with either small or large busts.


The name says it all, the V-neck is in the shape of a the letter V. This neckline is very popular since it flatters almost every body type because it enhances the neck and elongates the figure. It is a favorite among many brides because it creates a leaner, longer and taller silhouette. However, it is important to take into account that women with large busts should keep it balanced, because a high V can make the bust look saggy, while a plunging V can be too revealing.


The Illusion neckline is what you would consider discreetly sexy. It is an elegant way to cover the bust while at the same time allowing skin to peek through in a subtle and feminine manner. If you want the elegance and style of a strapless gown but wish to have comfort and coverage as well, Illusion brings together the best of both worlds creating a style all its own.


The Square neckline forms a square-shaped frame around the collarbone. It is a popular selection because it flatters almost every body type. Women with large busts can choose this neckline to provide a sophisticated look without revealing too much cleavage, while women with small busts can create the illusion of a more curvaceous bustline by wearing a fitted square.


The Bateau or boat neckline is recommended for brides who have wider backs than hips since it draws attention to the shoulders. This neckline is sophisticated and demure, making it the perfect choice for an elegant look on the happy day.

Everyone knows that a wedding gown is a very special dress, so it goes without question that fabric is a fundamental part of the equation. Whether you want the ethereal look draped in Organza or a timeless appearance dressed in Lace, keep reading to find out which is the best choice for you.


Organza is a beautiful fabric that is often compared to gauze or tissue. It is a sheer simple weave that is soft and thin; it was traditionally made from silk, but thanks to modern textile technology, synthetic fibers can be used to make a light and lovely Organza. If the ethereal and delicate look is what you’re after for that special day when you walk down the aisle, Organza is a perfect choice.


Tulle is a lightweight, very fine netting that received its namesake from the city of Tulle in France, where it was first made during the eighteenth century. But it was in 1840 when Queen Victoria wore a filmy tulle wedding gown that this fabric has been associated with wedding attire.

Tulle is one of the favorite fabrics chosen for wedding dresses due to its airy appearance and the way it smoothly flows over the body.


Lace was first developed in Europe in the sixteenth century. This fabric has been considered as one of the most luxurious in the textile industry, so much so that during the roaring lace industry in the seventeenth century it was used to decorate anything spanning from dresses to doorknobs; luckily, this trend hasn’t remained in our day in age. Lace was usually made with yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern; nowadays, lace is made with cotton or synthetic fiber with intricate patterns created by hand or machine. So if lace is your choice, know that your gown will look timeless and romantic on your wedding day.


Whenever you think of Satin, sensuous, soft and shiny fabric comes to mind. During the Middle Ages, Satin was made of silk, which in turn meant it was only used by the upper classes due to its high cost. However, Satin now is made with synthetic fibers that reduce its cost but not its luster. The name stems from the Chinese port of Quanzhou, which was known as Zayton in medieval Arabic. So if you want to feel and look like royalty on your special day, Satin is a beautiful choice.

Last but not least, a big question… Do you want your wedding dress with or without sleeves?

With Sleeves or Sleeveless

Wedding Dresses with sleeves are one of the most wanted styles in 2018. If you think that a wedding dress with sleeves is too demure or matronly, think again! Long sleeves are a good choice if you are having a Winter wedding or if you would like to cover your arms. Just imagine how long sleeves adorned with lace add a touch of romanticism to the model.

However, if your wedding is during the Summer, long sleeves may not be your top choice. Also, if you have lovely toned arms, you can highlight them, as well as your shoulders and collarbones by choosing a dress with cap sleeves, illusion sleeves, or take everyone’s breath away by wearing a sleeveless gown.

Now that you have more knowledge about the variety of silhouettes, fabrics, necklines and sleeves, you’re well on your way to making the perfect choice for your own personal style and body type. We are certain that you will find your dream wedding dress among the new gowns in our 2018 collection. With several models that are unique creations with a refined silhouette that envelops the body and highlights all the right places.