You finally picked the “perfect” wedding dress as well as that “mind blowing” hairstyle.

Now you need to top that “jaw-droppingly” beautiful look on your wedding ceremony, right?


But first you must go for the right wedding makeup if you really want to achieve that goal.

Wedding makeup is a big thing, not only will it make look look outstanding in front everybody; it will also combine your personality and how you want to people see on you. So forget about an appearance that deviates too much from your personal style; instead, you should enhance your essence.


Don’t worry, we got you covered and bring you our 15 simple tips about the ideal wedding makeup look for 2019.




1) Hydration


The skin not only benefits when you use moisturizing creams… Since they are working from the outside in, remember that you also need to be treated from the inside out. Therefore, you should make sure to drink the daily amount of water your body needs, in addition to eating healthy, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, exercising, using appropriate sunscreen when out in the sun. These details are very important if you want your skin to remain oxygenated and clean for your wedding day.



2) Treat skin conditions


If your skin needs to be treated by a dermatologist, do not waste time. There are brands that unfortunately makeup can’t cover, or certain conditions that don’t allow makeup to work as it should. If you know that your skin needs some kind of professional intervention, don’t hesitate.




3) Take care of your skin

If your skin is dry and brittle, it is likely that makeup won’t hold properly; this can highlight even more of the skin’s irregularities. Therefore, weeks before the big day, it is advisable to take care of such things as hydration and facials. Apply a face mask two days before, avoid eating too much fat, and stay well hydrated throughout the week before your wedding. You can also perform an invigorating ice formation, which consists of applying ice cubes to the face. The cold has a stimulating effect on blood circulation, this natural treatment contributes to a luminous skin, reducing spots on the face and preventing dark circles under your eyes. After that, all you need to do is soften the skin with the help of a good moisturizer and start applying the foundation of your makeup.


4) Sleep well


The minimum recommended time to sleep and keep your skin looking healthy is between 7 and 8 hours. It is proven that the normal regulation of the skin is altered by the lack of rest; the secretion of melatonin and cortisol, hormones that influence the dermatological processes, is altered by not sleeping the required time and this can lead to the reactivation of dermatological pathologies. So you definitely need your beauty sleep!!


5) Do not shave on your wedding day


This advice is not only recommended by wedding make-up artists, but also by photographers, who mention that this detail usually complicates the photo session. Therefore, we recommend that any hair removal be done no less than 3 to 4 days before the wedding day.



6) No invasive treatments a month before


If you’re only 30 days away from your wedding, the recommendation is to use only hydration treatments that are not invasive at all, such as: Microdermabrasion, peelings, or any of this type.


7) Your own essence

It is not at all necessary that you want to denature and use colors that do not resemble you, we know that marriage is a day of your life that should be the most beautiful; but still, you must maintain your own essence. A perfect skin, outstanding eyes and a beautiful, lasting mouth, are all a beautiful art of wedding makeup. “



8) Choose the base and the palette


You must remember that on the day of your wedding the bridal makeup should last many hours, therefore, choose waterproof products resistant to the emotions of the big day.

Create the perfect base on which to work, choosing a base that has the same tone of your skin, try it on the jaw and make sure it is your perfect match.



9) Wet climates


If you plan to get married on the beach or somewhere humid, it is advisable to use a good primer and apply it on the face before the base. You should try it out weeks before to be sure that it will not cause any allergic reaction.



10) Do some tests


Even if you decide to do a bridal makeup on your own, it is essential to do all the necessary tests in advance. In order to choose the right makeup, products and colors, you can get inspired by the numerous makeup trends in magazines. For example, if you choose a natural bridal makeup, you would do well to opt for products with shades such as beige, pale pink and peach.



11) Search a tutorial


Do you dare to be inspired by an actress or singer? Nothing could be simpler. The web is full of tutorials that explain in detail all the steps to follow and the tools that will be used to reproduce a trick as close as possible to your favorite star. If you are a fan of the style of the past and you love vintage wedding dresses, there are many tutorials on the web to evoke the style.

Wedding Makeup Tutorial : Soft Glam Bridal Look | Stephanie Ledda



12) Choose your wedding make-up artist


If you wish to hire a professional makeup artist, it is paramount that you choose someone that has shown you a portfolio of their work and is willing to do a makeup trial before the big day so that you don’t have an unpleasant surprise on your wedding. So before you sign a contract or make an advance payment, be sure that you are both on the same page with the look you wish to have, your face will be in his or her hands, their work will be immortalized your whole life in your wedding photos, so this choice should not be taken lightly!


13) Listen to your bridal makeup artist


In general, you took the time to choose the right person, then let her do her job! The person you have chosen will do whatever is best for you, and normally she is right! Your makeup artist’s job is to make you look like the most beautiful bride you can be!


14) Think of lighting!


In bridal makeup, the skin, the eyes, the mouth, the light should radiate from you like an angel, but careful and pay attention to this, because light does not mean shine. So watch out!


15) Plan a touch-up kit.


If your wedding makeup artist follows you all day, excellent! Otherwise, think about taking the following items with you: Handkerchiefs, lipstick, blotting tissues if your skin becomes shiny quickly, or compact powder for a fast touch up.




We hope that these wedding makeup tips have helped you end up with the perfect look for your wedding day. Now you can finally devote yourself to other details to ensure that this day is as beautiful as you ever dreamed.