A wedding preparation contains many steps and details to be analyzed. And one of them is the wedding table decorations, which is where the guests are gathered most of the time.

That being said. No element should disturb your wedding table arrangements. Particularly when you opt for tall elements, such as wedding table centerpieces that could disrupt the view in front of you.

To find your way around and to give you the best ideas, here’s our selection of the World’s best 50 wedding table decoration ideas for 2019

Wedding table decorations carry personality and demonstrate the style of the wedding party; and there are several alternatives for you to make up the wedding table centerpieces, as long as you follow the rest of the decoration.

Bear in mind that if you make your own centerpieces, you should calculate a reasonable amount of time to organize the purchase and making of your personal decorations, since there are flowers that last longer than others.

These ideas that you see here can give you an idea, but your imagination with a little inspiration will give you incredible results.