Let’s be honest:


Your wedding day is a reality now, you don’t have “enough time” to prepare it and desperately need a wedding to-do list, right?

We bet you do.


Whether you plan a big celebration or a small event with your closest friends and family, a wedding always requires a lot of preparation and work.

And to make this planning a bit easier and avoid you getting lost in the next appointments, plans, decisions and errands, we bring you our  +20 “wedding to-do list”


Here we go:


  1. Determine the date of the wedding, before agreeing with the most important guests to the same.

  2. Verify information in the registry office about the required documents.

  3. Places to visit and churches: Many places are booked months in advance, so it’s worth reserving the perfect place for your wedding in advance.

  4. You must establish a wedding budget and calculate the approximate expenses.

  5. Search and book wedding service providers, such as a wedding planner, theologian, band, etc.

  6. Book where you want to spend your honeymoon in advance, scheduling the dates so that everything is in place.

  7. Guest list: You should have an overview of how many guests you are inviting, and send them an RSVP note so you can accurately calculate how many people you’re expecting to show up, this is necessary for the final choice for the wedding location.

  8. Select sponsors and bridesmaids: They can also help you organize the reception, help with decorations, logistics, etc. If you can delegate several tasks, planning the party can be more relaxed.

  9. If you think it is necessary, appoint a master of ceremonies.

  10. If the place does not have its own restaurant, you can try to locate a catering service in that locality.


  1. As a recommendation, if you need some inspiration for your wedding, you can attend wedding fairs, or search online and in magazines.

  2. Registration of the marriage in the registration office.

  3. Sending Save-The-Date cards, if the guests at the celebration are informed in advance, they can reserve the date on their calendar and come to your happy celebration.

  4. Organizing transportation for the guests: In what way do guests arrive at the church or registration office on the day of the wedding?

  5. Previously reserve the necessary rooms at the hotel for your guests.

  6. Choosing a wedding dress: Finding the right dress for that special moment is a task that can take several weeks! If you want it to be perfect on your wedding day, you should plan with enough time, since on many occasions the dress requires necessary modifications, which can cause delays.

  7. Wedding rings: It is important to have information about the material, cost, etc.

  8. Prepare a “Wedding Speech

  9. Prepare the “Wedding Cards”: On the invitation card, you must take into account all the important information for your guests: The date, location of the party, dress code, and the route to the wedding. Place of the event. If necessary, you can prepare a gift table; if you want the gifts in money, you can add a lovely reference in the invitation.

  10. Send the invitations.

  11. For the wedding ceremony you must remember to bring the wedding candle and the pillow for the rings!

  12. Relax and sleep! After all that planning just before the wedding, it is ideal to recharge your batteries before the big day.


We wish you a wonderful and unforgettable preparation for the wedding of your dreams!